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Salvation (Heal Me #1)Salvation by Stephanie John
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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A chance meeting turned my world inside out.

Intelligent, sexy, and rich. With a dash of roguish charm and a cocksure smile, Nathan Blake is the ultimate fantasy. He can have any woman he wants with only a glance. 

And he wants me.

My past has left me broken and humiliated, wary of men like him. 
I cut myself off from the pain, moving thousands of miles away to escape every reminder, determined to start anew.

I’ve been second best before. It isn't happening again.

One kiss and I'm caught under his spell, drawn to him with every breath I take.
I can't resist.
The passion that explodes between us becomes an intense connection 
neither of us thought we’d share. Or need.

The suffering inside me reflects his – a pain I know he feels, but can’t bring himself to reveal.

I have no idea his love can heal me – that mine can heal him…
…if only I can let down my guard for him and trust.

My Thoughts

First off, you cannot tell anyhow that this is Stephanie John's debut book.

As a couple and even as individuals Kara and Nate are two characters that the readers will like and relate with.

Kara is a strong character unless and until she does not succumb to her past. Incidents from her past have left her scarred so much so that, she left her home, the job that she had always wanted and has left her with major self esteem and trust issues.
She moves from England and settles in America trying to live on her own and surprisingly, adjusting to the life of a single woman quite well.

Nate, the CEO of the company Kara works in, on one hand has a soft, gentle, caring and loving side that Kara brings out in him, and on the other, is a strong, imposing and intimidating man in the business world.
Yes, Nate is your playboy turned into a loving and attentive *wink wink* boyfriend.

There were a two aspects of the book that I dint't think of much. Firstly, Kara's constant suspicion towards Nate every time he met a girl or anybody else. Yes, Kara was betrayed in the worst way possible, but you give the benefit of the doubt to even the worst of them out there.
And prior her, Nate was a playboy, so for the past and the present to collide is natural, but that doesn't mean she can go accusing Nate every time without letting him explain... Well, he does explain after he has shut her up...

Get your head out of the gutter! He has to raise his voice... Okay, fine and then he shuts her up with *get your head in the gutter*

Stephanie John has written a plot which flows smoothly and the hurdles faced by Kara and Nate make them all the more realistic and relatable.

The ending, now that did definitely leave me hanging and I want to know more! And I would love to see Kara grow more as a character.

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