Red Carpet Day Job by Tasha Cotter | Review


Title: Red Carpet Day Job
Author: Tasha Cotter
Rating: 3.5
Reviewer: Rohina

You know there are some books out there that are meant to be short, sweet and romantic. Well Red Carpet Day Job was exactly that! There is just the right amount of humorous moments that keeps this book lighthearted without getting too cheesy. 

The first thing I'm going to comment upon is the cover... I LOVE IT!!! It's absolutely beautiful.

Scott, Sophie's ex provided a lot of comic instances with his chickens and eggs.

Sophie is introduced to Nick Jackson, Hollywood's biggest up and coming actor. When Nick asks Sophie to accompany her to the Teen Pick Awards she can't believe her luck. And despite Nick's reputation as a playboy with a long list of his conquests, Sophie cannot help liking him and vice-a-versa.

But then the real question comes up... Can the hot shot Hollywood star with a colorful background be faithful? Or will he get scared and run away?

Can Sophie a regular girl handle all the extras that come with dating a Hollywood star? 

This book is packed with cute dialogues, a few steamy scenes, a heartthrob and like I said Scott and his chickens. 

Since the book is short it didn't have much scope for character or plot development but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

For me personally, Sophie and Nick moved way to quickly. Now that necessarily is not a bad thing, but I would have loved to have their romance and chemistry build slow and steady until I would have gone out of my mind. 

But I was definitely hooked from the first page and frankly finished it in a few hours. 

This book is perfect if you are looking for a whirl-wind romance, a movie star with a few chickens here and there, then Red Carpet Day Job is for you. 

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