William Shakespeare once said: “I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks and ever thanks…”

Dear Author,

                Today I write to you not as a blogger, but as a reader who wants to say thanks to you on your day. 

                 Hmm. Where do I start? You guys work day after day after day, time away from your family and friends to write books for us. You write word after word and lay down your stories one single line at a time until we are faced with an impressive, delightful, emotional, intense and laugh-out-loud reads. You create stories and plots and twists and characters that we couldn’t even fathom until you present them to us.

                Words and emotions are your best friends. They are your strength and you show us everything in the best way possible; from your lines to the heart-melting-sometimes-drooling-hot quotes, from your character’s expressions to their quirks and obviously their insane traits and habits. You convey what you want and you do it spectacularly. There are times that after reading a line I stare at the wall to absorb them because they so exceptionally well written. Sometimes I will be like:

                   You all wrote well from day one but as you moved further you learned, you searched, you created. You went as far as to cater to your readers, sometimes unreasonable, demands.
YOU ARE BRAVE! You are brave to put your words on paper, put out a little of yourself and share it with the world. A world that could build you and tear you apart at the same time. You write and love and love your characters. You fall in love with each story you write. You make the readers fall in love with what you write. You make the reader fall in love with you! Your fluff-writing, crazy quirks, angst-fillers, ugly crier, laugh-out-loud,Oh-my-god, hold-your breath- moments in each book… 


                   Your words are my reprieve from the real world. Reprieve from the hurt, the monotony and other million things that come.  I love your ideas! The tiniest attention you give to every detail so that we can paint a picture as clear as day. You are kind, snarky (in the best way possible!) and I just love everything about you.

You create stories.

You create characters.

You create mystery.

You create love.

You create heartache.

You create quirks.

You create heart-stoppers.

You create magic!

                   You take us to a place where you want us to go. You take us away from life and suck us into your created stories. You make us scared, you make us worried, you make us cry, you make us laugh, you make our heart race, you make us scream.  So please, continue to wave your magic wand and create words so magical, so that we can be transported to the world you want us to be in. YOU SHINE BRIGHT LIKE THE STARS!

                   You authors are DYNAMIC! It is just one word. A simple word. But what a fitting word. I love your words. Words that are our inspiration. Words that have stuck with us. Words that taught us things about life. Words that I wait for to pop out of the page. I see pictures in your words. I create movies in your books. 

                 It’s  beautiful. It’s wonderful. It’s splendid.  It’s perfect. It’s just dynamic!

                     So thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating worlds, so amazing, so different, so unique and yet so beautiful. Don’t ever let the flame die out.

( A crazy lunatic fan)
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