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The Lost Slipper (Fairytale Shifter, #3)The Lost Slipper by Alexa Riley
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"The first time Stone saw Winnie, she was alone in the woods with no memory of where she came from.
With one look, he knew something was different. When she finally came of age and her mating heat kicked in, he realized that she had always been the one.
Sent to live with a strange family, Winnie was forced to deal with the hateful treatment of her stepmother and stepsisters.
Mating the alpha changed that. 
But when her past comes back to find her, will the heat last after the clock strikes midnight?"

My Thoughts

The Lost Slipper, the third installment of the Fairytale Shifter Series, is a modern erotic paranormal shifter romance twist of the classic fairytale Cinderella.

The Lost Slipper is focused on Alpha Stone as he claims his mate who is none other than Winnie, a bear shifter who is adopted by the wolves when she was brought to them.

Winnie has no memory of who she is or where she comes from. The only thing she remembers is her name. She was brought in the pack four years ago when a pack of wolves found her abandoned and unable to shift to her human form. Stone being the Alpha of the pack had taken over to take care of her until she was physically healthy.

The moment they met, Stone felt and instant attraction towards her and an insane urge to protect her from everything and everyone. To stop himself from feeling all these emotions Stone asks another family to take care of Winnie. In front of him everything seemed hunky dory but the actuality of the situation was brought to light when we found that the family was nothing but a burden to Winnie. They degraded her, called her all sorts of things and of course the evil stepmother and stepsisters vying for Alpha Stone's attention. The whole idea was shot to hell when Stone entered the mating period and couldn't think of anything but claim and mark Winnie as his.

But there is a little something lurking among the pack. There is a new shifter in town whose sent is not recognized by anyone including X and Stone. The questions that arise at this point is... What does this shifter want? Can Winnie overcome her fear and finally stand up to her foster family? Will she be able to channel her inner bear and shift again?

As always Alexa Riley's books are steamy enough to crack your Kindle screen and even make you gulp with the amount of intensity. If you are looking for a fairytale with an erotic and paranormal twist then I suggest you give this book a try!

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