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Born into blood, I was a mafia princess. Raised in hiding, I was a Californian sweetheart.
The day my father sold my thirteen year old body to pay off a five year old debt was the day my mother stole me in the dead of night. She protected me as she was supposed to.
My father may have been the king, but my mother was the queen.
The mafia blood was hers.
That was ten years ago. Now… the devil was on the loose.
Carlo ‘Hunter’ Rosso was my father’s right hand man and the boy I’d loved since I could tie my own shoelaces. He was always the most ruthless and the most deadly of all the children.
He’d thought I was dead until the day his assignment was given: Kill Adriana and Alexandria Romano. Kill the princess, and definitely kill the queen.
What he didn’t know was that the queen was dead, and the princess had taken her throne.
Blood didn’t lie. It smeared, distorted, stained. But it didn’t lie.
My father was going to learn the hard way that the empire he’d stolen belonged to me.
And so did Carlo ‘Hunter’ Rosso.



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Staying, are you? Figure it's easier to kill me in my sleep?”

Once again, he rubbed his hand across his face. He said nothing.

“Trying to work out whose life is worth more, right? Mine is probably worth a lifetime of comfort for you. Kill me and everyone's happy, right? My pathetic excuse for a father gets to keep his empire and you're taken care of for life.”

He looked at me, and his expression was a little tortured. I was being harsh. I knew that. But I needed to be. It was easier to provoke him and be angry with him than give in to the horrible ache that had settled in my heart.

“Adriana...” Weak. The word was weak.

I wanted to ignore the indecision on his face, but I couldn't.

He was considering it.

He really was.

I scoffed quietly at him and grabbed the gun from the coffee table. His mask and gloves fell to the floor, but he made no move to pick them up. The safety was on the gun, and I held it out to him. “Here. Take it. I don't care, Hunter. I don't have much of a life here in hiding anyway.”

He didn't even look at the gun. His silvery gaze never left mine. I wished he would look away, because in that gaze, I saw the Hunter I knew. The boy who once ripped his favorite shirt to stem the bleeding when I fell and cut my leg, then proceeded to carry me home. The boy who offered to pee on my foot when I got stung by a jellyfish in Mexico on vacation when I was seven.

The boy I loved before I knew what love even was.

“You're weak, Hunter,” I whispered. Slowly, I turned the gun back to me and touched the barrel to my temple the way he did earlier. His jaw clenched when my thumb edged toward the safety, and when my finger moved to hook around the trigger, he moved.

He was like a lightning bolt. He came at me like a flash, snatched the gun from my hand, and dropped it on the sofa. It bounced but stayed on the seat, and then he turned on me with blazing eyes. “Don't,” he ground out, his arms tensing and looking even bigger. “Don't ever fucking put that to your head again.”

“Why? I was saving you the job.”

The words had barely left my lips when he pounced on me. It was deadly, the way his hands clasped my face and his mouth descended on mine. I staggered back into the wall, gasping at the ferocity of his movement. Shock paralyzed me as he kissed me harshly. His tongue ran along the seam of my mouth, and as I fisted the sides of his shirt, I bit his lower lip.

A low growl left his throat, but he didn't relent. He just kissed me harder. He kissed me until I was fucking spinning and could barely string two thoughts together. Until my whole body was alight with his touch and responding to his every movement.

He tasted like whiskey. The strong, rich taste that lingered on his lips was heady and only added to the intoxicating way he touched me.

And then... It hit me. He was touching me. Kissing me.

Twenty minutes ago, he could have killed me.


 Blaire Drake is a pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling author who wanted to think outside her box and write the kind of things that would shock even them. She loves taboo romance and pushing boundaries in her work. She also enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset, as long as it’ll be followed by a good, old-fashioned spanking right after. DEAR PROFESSOR is her debut standalone novel, and her next book, HUNTER, is also a standalone novel that promises to be equally as taboo and sexy. You can connect with Blaire online at: 

You’re also invited to join her reader group at:

Wherever It Leads by Adriana Locke | BOOK REVIEW

Wherever It LeadsWherever It Leads by Adriana Locke


"Smooth. Sexy. Irresistible. 

Those qualities equal only one thing.

Big. Freaking. Trouble.

Brynne Calloway knows that anything that seems too good to be true usually is. Fenton Abbott and his cashmere voice, Adonis body, and a magnetism like no other clearly falls into that category. But what’s life without a little risk?

It was supposed to be a rebound, an uncomplicated escape from reality. But nothing ever goes as planned. Fenton turns out to be so much more … in ways Brynne never sees coming."

My Thoughts

The hype that was created around this book? Yeah. It totally lived up to it expectation.

Let's go to the very beginning.... Once upon a time in a land far away, a story about a man and a woman, let's call them Fenton and Brynne, started with bananas.

Oh yeah, you read that right. BANANAS!

I'm gonna be honest here. When I started, this book didn't immediately capture like the rest of Adriana Locke's books. It took me at least until 15% before I felt that proverbial BAM! But DUDE!!!! Fenton 'Cashmere' Abott is hot! Like H-O-T and the moment I got into the story, I was, as usual HOOKED! It went above what I had expected, actually.

There is something unique about Adriana's work. The stories are sexy, funny and always with a twist and a mystery that just demands to be revealed. She writes about female character that are bad ass and the male characters are just so damn sexy and irresistible.

Okay, so back to bananas! *insert minion voice*

Brynne didn't know that losing her cell phone at the supermarket would lead to the hottest encounter of her life that would change her world entirely. Enter Cashmere, I mean Fenton Abbott, the man with the cashmere voice and oh-so lickable body to go with it. *LeSigh!
That was also the night Fent proposed Brynne an absolutely crazy idea, but one that she needed the most. Well, that's what Presley said.

Fenton Abbott was supposed to be just a rebound.
Brynne was just supposed to be on a weekend date in Sin City.

But you know what they say about well though out plans... They come crumbling down one by one. Piece by piece until nothing is left to hide.

It's already a given how Fenton Abbott is made to be every girl's dream guy. He's hot, smart, sexy with his cashmere voice and lickable abs, basically the complete package. What attracted me the most was the vulnerability that came out so frequently. The way his hands shook or how is voice trembled when he saw Brynne in anguish. THAT is what made me love him because let's face it, we all love a guy with a soft side, especially where is woman is concerned... Sigh! I want one too.
Apart from his vulnerability, the love, care and respect that he has for his people is admirable. His generosity and tenderness and his ability to go above and beyond for the people he cares about and pair it with his alpha tendencies... He is the perfect Locke man.

Brynne Calloway is a lot different to Locke's previous heroines. With what she and family went through and still go through, it was very admirable the way she woke up everyday to conquer one day at a time and just hope that everything would be okay. Brynne is quirky, witty, feisty, loving and sure of herself and her wants and needs and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in [ A marker of Locke's heroines]
Through all thick and thin, Brynne found a support system in her best friend Presley. She is was literally just perfect for Brynne. The Yin to her Yang. They were poles apart but complemented each other so well!

There is an underlying mystery that runs throughout the story and Brynne and Fenton are right in the center of this mystery. I wish I could tell you what all was happening but then I would reveal the perfectly laid out plans. [ I suck at mystery reading because I ALWAYS figure it out! Just like I did here and I was't even 20% in!]

Fenton doesn't believe in love.
Brynne is breath of fresh air in his chaotic life.

He isn't what she expected.
She wasn't supposed to be 'The One.'

He is an open book for her. But what happens when they find out that they are more interconnected in a web than they could have ever perceived?

I really enjoyed reading this story so much! Brynne and Fenton complemented each other so perfectly. They both were sexy, smart and sassy! I loved how Brynne just didn't roll over when it came to Fent. She held her ground and went toe to toe with him and calling him out every single time when she thought he was being unreasonable. Fenton was protective and bossy but in the most fun way possible

The story was quote different to Adriana's previous ones and once I was engrossed in the book, I didn't put it down until I finished it!
#BentWithFent #Cashmere

4.5 'Rudo' Stars! Standalone Contemporary Romance

Platinum by K.A. Linde | RELEASE DAY BLITZ

Title: Platinum
Series: All That Glitters #3
Author: K.A. Linde
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: February 16, 2016


Cheating is my hard limit.

The only thing I truly fear.

My heart was shattered once before, and I swore it would never happen again. This time I chose the safe guy who wouldn’t destroy me. Turns out…they don’t exist.

So when the sexiest Brit I’ve ever met dances right into my life, I offer him a one night stand. No strings attached. My perfect rebound, with zero chance of betrayal. It’s everything I hoped for. But he demands more than I’m willing to give.

I refuse to be fooled again, because I know a man I can count on is rarer than… Platinum.

Follow the conclusion to Trihn’s story in this sexy, heart stopping fourth book in USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde’s All That Glitters series.

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Author Bio

K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of the Avoiding series and the All That Glitters series as well as seven additional novels. She grew up as a military brat traveling the United States and even landing for a brief stint in Australia. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia and is the current head coach of the Duke University dance team.

An avid traveler, reader, and bargain hunter, K.A. currently live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her husband and two super adorable puppies.

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To The Stars (Thatch, #2) by Molly McAdams | BOOK REVIEW

To the Stars (Thatch #2)To the Stars by Molly McAdams

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"Knox Alexander must convince his long-time love Harlow Evans that they’re meant to be together.

He promised to wait for her.
She told him he was wasting his time.
Not waiting for him ended up being the biggest mistake of her life.

When they were younger, Knox Alexander swore to Harlow Evans that he would wait for her to turn eighteen so they could be together. But that was three and a half years away, and Harlow couldn’t ask him to give up all the fun and thrills of going away to college for her. As the years passed, Knox remained a constant in her life—whether she liked it or not—but when her eighteenth birthday came around, Harlow’s heart belonged to someone else.

Every day for the last four years, Harlow has been haunted by that fateful choice. And though he may appear unaffected by what happened in their past, Knox has always tried to fill the void Harlow left. But when he comes stumbling back into her life and refuses to leave, will Harlow finally let him into her heart…?"

My Thoughts

description I love you to the moon and back."
"The moon? The moon isn't that far, Harlow."
"Isn't it?"
"No. Not far enough. I want to love you to the stars."
"Then to the stars."

Let's get one thing straight. To The Stars is not your typical happy-go-lucky romance. Almost 70% of the book focuses on the abuse that Harlow faces. Ms. McAdams covers the topic of domestic abuse at its rawest. She shows the absolute horrifying and soul shattering side of domestic abuse without sugar coating a single thing. Yes, there are moments between Harlow and Knox that are so sweet you wish to be in their shoes but the Ms. McAdams smacks you in the face with the reality that is Harlow's life...


In this book, not only do you see Harlow being abused. You see a woman who even when is abused fights for her life. For her family and her happiness.

To pack that much hate, fear, dread, anger, love and a myriad of every single emotion and be able to deliver to the audience that has never been in such a situation and make them see and read and feel and know what a woman goes through when abused by the one person who promised to protect her... It is not pretty. When you are blind to the reality of abusive relationships and how far it can go, it makes you sit and rethink a lot of things.

We get the gist of what the book is about when reading the blurb and if you think, for even a fraction of a second that it is going to be what it says, then you are wrong.

Harlow is a happily married woman and oh-so in love with her husband until she wasn't.

descriptionWe'd been at a dinner party the first time I'd caught a glimpse of my monster - and it also should have been the last night I ever saw Collin. But I was in love, we'd just gotten engaged, and I kept making excuses for him in my head."

Before any of this happened to Harlow, she had met a guy. Knox Alexander. She was 15 to his 18. There was immediate attraction and chemistry but despite all of that Knox waited. He said he would wait until she was 18 and then they would be in a relationship.

descriptionWait, how old are you?”
“Why? How old did you think I was?”
“Not fifteen.”

But before she turned 18 she was swept away by her then unknown monster, Collin Dohetry during her freshmen year at college.

Harlow didn't wait.

She chose the wrong guy and by the time she realized it she was neck deep in a relationship that was abusive not only physically but mentally as well.

The whole time while reading the book the one thought that went through my head was... If only she had waited for Knox.

description Don't do this; we can't risk anything."
"The I'll wait for you, Harlow," he promised, and the sincerity in the words stunned me for long second. "I'll wait until your eighteen."

I haven't read many abusive stories, but the ones that I HAVE read are the ones where the hero or the heroine have already escaped the abusive relationship and now are trying to fight their footing.
To The Stars is different because it shows all the warning signs and we watch the abuse take flight and get worse page after page to the point where Harlow is nothing but a shell of woman.

descriptionI placed both hands against his cheeks and kissed him softly. When I pulled back, it was all over his face that he knew what I was about to say. “I did not spend the last two and a half years living with him, and living with what he was doing to me, just to let someone else finish things for me. He’s my problem. I need you, Knox. But I need you to help me stay strong in this, okay?”

Knox and Harlow meet but as mentioned before. Harlow was nothing but a shell.

Amidst the pain and anguish and heartbreaks there is a small ray of hope where I desperately wished for Harlow to get her Happy-Ever-After. For Knox and Harlow to be reunited. And she did.

The topic that Ms. McAdams covers is at its rawest and it couldn't have been portrayed more poignantly and beautifully.

It was raw, heart wrenching, soul shattering yet so so so beautiful!

I am so glad I actually went ahead and read my first Molly McAdams book.

4.5 Stars!

Playing Pretend by Tamsyn Bester | BOOK REVIEW

Playing Pretend
by Tamsyn Bester


"Kadence Kavanagh has spent the last two years trying to rebuild her life. When a job opportunity presents itself, she can’t say no, even if it’s with the man who’s life was ruined by her father’s indiscretion. It’s been years since she last saw Caleb Callahan, and she’s not even sure he remembers her, but she’s determined to give herself a clean slate no matter who she has to work for. 

In the unlikeliest of circumstances, Caleb becomes her savior – if somewhat reluctantly - and she discovers that the man she’s read about in the gossip columns is nothing more than a smoke screen. Kadence knows that keeping her distance is for the best, no matter how difficult, but when Caleb proposes the unthinkable, she finds herself caught between what’s real, and what she wishes was real.

Caleb and Kadence lose themselves in a lie, and when reality comes knocking, they realize that all they were doing was playing pretend… "

My Thoughts

 There are no happy-ever-after's when you play pretend."

For so long my favorite Tamsyn Bester book was Beneath Your Beautiful with The Line Between a very close second. This book has been a long time coming and it sure as hell didn't disappoint me and it moved up to my in the first place of my Tamsyn favorite!

GAHHH!!! It had everything that I enjoy in a story! The characters had a history and it was sort of a second chance romance. I have no idea where to start because there is so much to talk about in this book and I just don't want to give away any spoilers!

The heroine, Kadence is strong, sassy and spunky and though is affected by things that go around here she is knows how to hold her own. She is trying to remove herself from anything and everything that is her father, sister and the Archer name in general. She is flawed and she owns those flaws and you can't help but love her from the very beginning! It was so easy to relate to her because they way Tamsyn portrayed Kadence felt like it was my friend going through these problems and it made a connection with the her and her emotion that I always wish to have with every character that I read about.

 Has anyone ever told you how smooth you think you are?"
"I don't think I'm smooth. I know I am. Or so I've been told."

The male lead, Caleb was an asshole but still so drool worthy... Sorry! lost myself myself for a minute there. I HATED this ruggedly handsome and tattooed guy and it wasn't even a task. I hated him till 95% of the book! He was absolutely irritating and I just wanted to pull him out of the pages and shake him and slap some serious sense in him.

The constant pushing and pulling between the Kadence and Caleb that stems from their past was real and definitely kept me at edge waiting for the next shoe to drop. Given that the book is from Kadence's point of view with Caleb's perspective coming right at the end I wanted to know what went in his head. When I got to know what was going in his head... Yeah! I still didn't like him until the very end.

 I want her. I don't think I've ever wanted anything more than to have her trust again, and to prove that I'm deserving. The chances are I will never be worthy, but I'm prepared to spend the rest of my life trying if that is what it takes."

The story line has twists that I didn't see coming at all. I mean, I'm so into the story and then comes Tamsyn and smacks one twist. I actually went back a few pages to see if I missed any signs or small hints that I would have missed but NIL! There wasn't a single hint!
After the disorienting while totally amazing ad welcoming surprise, I went further into reading and comes in Tamsyn and pulls the carpet from under me leaving me staring at the characters like... HELLO!!! Some help here? Can you help me out and tell me why did you deem it acceptable?!

There was a lot going in the book and leaned towards heavy than light-hearted with a angst. Though it was a 'heavy' read it was by no means depressing that I would feel bogged down. Playing Pretend It was the perfect combination of sass, action, angst, heartbreak, humor and everything else.

Even though Caleb and Kadence's relationship started as a pretense in the end it was REAL and PERFECT! Definitely these two had more lows than highs but I LOVED it so so so much and I am so RECOMMENDING this book to everyone!!! Absolutely amazing!!

4.5 Stars! Standalone. 

Ink & Lies by S.L. Jennings | EXCERPT REVEAL


You know that pivotal moment in every love story, when the hero or heroine makes an imperative move that leaves the other with a life-altering choice? Whether it be a pronouncement of love (I’ve been in love with you my entire life, and I don’t care that you’re my stepbrother) or a salacious secret (I’m pregnant and the baby isn’t yours) or a shocking decision (I’ve decided to embrace what I am… I’m transitioning into a unicorn, and I’m pregnant by my stepbrother), we can always count on this familiar occurrence.
I’ve always deemed them cliché yet necessary in the romance genre. A good plot twist is as vital to a story as its characters. Without it, the hero and heroine would have no reason to change, to evolve. They’d have no reason to step out on faith and madness and take hold of their destiny. Take hold of their story.
I once lived for the perfect plot twist.
I just never expected to actually live it.
I look down at my boarding pass for the eightieth time in the last fifteen minutes. Gate 3B, Seat 2A. GEG to LAX. Final boarding in…now.
Sixteen hours ago, I succumbed to the insanity of feeling, and made my crucial confession. I began that almighty trek up a story’s climactic mountain. And every hour, every minute, since, I’ve waited for her to make her choice.
To make me her choice.
The attendant glares at me from over her intercom receiver and announces that the gate for flight D5611 will be closing in sixty seconds. She’s saying it for only me, because I’m the only one here. Waiting. Crumbling.
I take one last look down the corridor that leads to security. I just knew that she’d show up, racing through the airport, screaming for someone to stop the plane. That was how I’d imagined my story…our story. The greatest cliché of all, and I still couldn’t breathe it into fruition. I still couldn’t get her to read between the lines scrawled on my heart.
I guess the most epic romances are still tucked away within the pages of her favorite novels, safely swathed in inked lies and faded paper promises. Forever fictional. Just like love.

Are you ready to meet Rhys & Fi in INK & LIES by S.L. JenningsThis romantic stand alone
releases February 9th!

Pre-order for ONLY $0.99 NOW!

**Additional retailers coming soon**


From International Best Selling Romance Novelist, Hope Hughes, comes a gripping, heartfelt tale of two lovers, fighting for the freedom to…

No. Scratch that. Too cheesy.

…two people, torn apart by the tumultuous tides of life, only to discover refuge in…

WTF? What does that even mean? DELETE.

…two people, confused as shit as to where they should be and who they should love and none of this means a damn thing because it’s all lies!
I’m not Hope Hughes. I’m not some fierce woman romance machine. Hell, I’m not even a woman.
I’m a liar.
And while I refuse to believe my own BS, deceit masked in heartfelt phrases of love and devotion, I want to make her believe them. Because maybe—just maybe—if she can find the soul within my words, she’ll also be able to find the truth scribbled on my heart.
You see, I once lived for the perfect plot twist.
I just never expected to actually live it.
This is my story. Well, maybe her story. I just wish I could make it our story.
The one I’m still writing.

About the Author:

S.L. Jennings is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romance, reality TV junkie, obsessive coffee drinker and collector of crazy.


Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter |Goodreads

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