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"June Mayson and Evan Barrister’s whirlwind courtship resulted in a secret marriage right before he left for boot camp. Evan knows deep in his gut that June is too good for him, but after getting a taste of the beautiful life they can have together, he’s unwilling to let her go. June promises to wait for him, knowing neither time or distance will ever change her feelings for Evan—that is until she’s served with divorce papers while he’s overseas and she’s forced to let him go.

Her marriage and divorce a well-kept secret, the last person June expects to run into when she moves back to her hometown is Evan. Angry over the past, she does everything within her power to ignore the pull she feels whenever he is near. But how can she ignore the pain she sees every time their eyes meet? How can she fight the need to soothe him even if she knows she’s liable to get hurt once again?

Is it possible for June and Evan to find their way back to each other again? Or will they be stopped by an outside force before they ever have a shot?"

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descriptionYou don’t understand that it’s impossible for me to breathe without you.

Until June focuses on June and Evan and their second chance at love with each other.

Evan made some choices in the past that weren't the best, but his heart was in the right place. He had always loved June and still does and all he wanted to do was protect her even if it was from him and the baggage he carried around. He never felt worthy enough of June's love so he left her all alone. But now he is back from the military and he can't stay away from her anymore.

June did not expect to see Evan on her driveway. Seeing him after so many years June doesn't know what to feel. She loved Evan with her whole heart and no matter how much he hurt her by leaving, she still loves him. But she can't let go of the past and hurt that was inflicted on her.

Now Evan being the alpha male will not give up on her and if that means grovelling and talking about the reasons as to why he left her, he will do it because having his soul mate back in his arms is what he wants the most.

Having only read Until July and Until Jax I am in no place to comment much upon this series but I can definitely say that out of the three couples I enjoyed June and Evan the most. I loved how that even though it was a given from the beginning that there would be no one else for June and Evan, them getting back together wasn't rushed but it wasn't even long drawn. Yes, there is definitely drama but it were the outside elements that had an impact on their relationship which was certainly something that I enjoyed.

descriptionSome memories have the ability to heal, the ability to light up the dark, because the beauty of the memory is so bright, you're still able to bask in it.

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