BOOK REVIEW ― Dirty Stolen Forever by Nazarea Andrews


"Colt Rayburn loved Aiden Delvin, once. A lifetime ago. Before duty and the Marines took him a world away, chewed him up and spit him out.

Aiden would have waited forever for Colt to come back. But Colt didn’t want that, and he’s rebuilt his life. Without the man he loves. 

When Colt comes home from a deployment that went wrong, Aiden is there. Inexplicably back in Green County and impossible to resist. He swore he’d never go back to that place, never destroy Aiden the way he had when he walked away the first time. 

But Aiden grew up and changed too, while Colt played war hero. 

Both of them know what they want. After all this time. But can a love story that destroyed them once be rebuilt, when life and duty still hangs over them both… "

Rating & Review

I didn't realize that Dirty Stolen Forever is book 2 in the series. I jumped in with both feet. I would suggest for your own sake to start with book 1. There are a lot of references to situations that you would already know about. It's not completely confusing but it will make you pause.

That being said, Dirty Stolen Forever, is my first m/m novel. I was surprised at my own responses to the level of heat. It was hot, yes, hot.

Dirty is a second chance romance between the misunderstood rich boy and the play boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Already you can see the appeal, then add some secrets, an eight year separation, and a shattered heart.

It was a good read. It was interesting and held my interest throughout.

~ Review by Becky 

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