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"She’s an author.

She’s a mother.
She’s a wife.
She’s a fraud. 

A woman marked and bound by her own deceit, this is the astounding tale of how one choice knocked her world from its axis forcing her to battle through a year of scandal and betrayal, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. 

This is an intoxicatingly risqué stand-alone true story tangled in lust, heartbreak, and contrition."

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descriptionWe can't tell our hearts what to do or how to feel. They do whatever the fuck they want-good or bad-right or wrong. They are what lead us through life.

Faith. Truth. Trust. Dark. Gritty. Blunt. Lies. Deceit. This is what makes E.K. Blair's Author Anonymous. It will push your limits until you are stretched thin and will make you extremely angry at everything happening. But might possibly be a book that is one of a kind.

I am one person, who hates cheating and steers clear of any book that features cheating as portrayed so blatantly in Author Anonymous. I didn't know what to expect when I picked this up but I sure hell didn't expect this. It explores a topic that I, for a lack of a better word, abhor, but this book is ADDICTIVE! From the very first page this book had me in its clutches and no matter how much I tried I could not pull myself away until I had finished this book.

description With each step, each breath,I'm selfishly pissing all over everything I vowed to love and cherish. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but the simple, self-gratifying reality is- I want to.

As I write this review, I'm trying my best to channel my feelings and get my thoughts straight because I still can not comprehend what I just experienced. The story line is absolutely unforgettable. Victoria, the female lead was probably one of the most unforgettable character I have read. This story is about a woman who is conscious of the self destructive path she is venturing into, is a real eye opener.

As you have already come to know, Author Anonymous is based on a true story. A story about Anonymous who has taken the face of a fictional character Victoria.

A wife.
A mother.
An author.

Victoria had the perfect life. A successful career as an author, two beautiful little girls and a husband that worshipped the ground she walked on. But one small incident, a small and insignificant choice that turned out to be life altering. And what Victoria experiences is what happens when the line between reality and fantasy collide and presents us the hard truth.

description Life is messy, and you can't compare reality to fiction because you'll always wind up disappointed.

This book is not only addictive but captivating, destructing, candid and heartbreaking. The book is not for the faint of heart. You will HATE Victoria. You will be appalled at her actions but at the same time you will, in your own way, love her and her honesty.

At times it seemed impossible and I thought I wouldn't be able to finish but the lure this book held was not something I could ignore. As for the identity of Anonymous, I'm sure I wasn't and won't be the only one who would be itching to find out who the person is. This story will gut you, it will make you question a lot of things and decisions made by Anonymous. Her story is a train wreck and through this book you get a first class seat and watch how she causes destruction and as much as I wished you could be there to steer her to the right path, I knew no matter who tried to talk to her this was something she had had to go through in order to learn a lot of things about herself.

Because after all, the heart wants what it want, right?

Before jumping into this story I would like to make you aware that this story is NOT for everyome. Not everyone will be able to cope with the topic and the actions of Victoria.


If, just if, you are someone who would be willing to test his/her reading taste and are willing to take a chance on something completely different, something absolutely out of your comfort zone... I recommend you pick this one. Because, Author Anonymous is truly a one of a kind book that you should have the privilege of experiencing.

description We can't tell our hearts what to do or how to feel. They do whatever the fuck they want-good or bad-right or wrong. They are what lead us through life.

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