BOOK REVIEW ― Bad Judgment BY Meghan March


"He’s arrogant.

She’s self-righteous.

I hate him.

I want her. 

I’ve been turning him down for two years straight.
Every shut-down makes me work harder.

I’m not a one-night stand kind of girl.
She doesn’t realize I won’t settle for only one night.

He’s a distraction I don’t need. 
She’ll say yes eventually because I’m not giving up."

Rating & Review


description Bad Judgment. That's all it was. I'm never drinking again - or kissing Ryker Grant.

Before jumping into the review, I would like to confess that i was quite daunted by the Content Page that listed SEVENTY TWO chapters plus an Epilogue, but once I started I just didn't want to put the book down. At one point I generally just checked how much of the book I had covered and you would not believe my surprise when I saw I had completed 82% in just a few short hours. I had noooooo idea but when I reached that mark, I wished I could have s tarted all over.

Phew! Okay, that's out of the way

Was it a bad judgemnt on my part to pick this book? HELL YES!!!
Two words. RYKER. GRANT.
I literally just can't get over Ryker and I have this stupid urge to just go back and re-read.

Ryker was exactly how I expected Meghan March to portray him. Dirty talking, possessive and a complete alpha who would do anything to get the girl he wants.

descriptionI want it all Justine. Including the chance to show you how fucking amazing life can be when you let a few distractions in.

Justine was how exactly Meghan has portrayed her leads throughout. Justine is strong and challenging and can and does stand on her own. She is ballsy and is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with Ryker and any situation that comes her way. And this is one major plus for me, for when it comes to picking up a Meghan March book. If the male lead is an alpha then the female lead is not to far behind, and is an alpha too. Equals, that's what they are.

descriptionDon't make me beg.
A darkly satisfied smile tugs at his lips. "Oh you are going to beg."

Bad Judgment is a slow burn. It sizzles with tension as Justine keeps resisting Ryker and his advances. The tension between the two is like lighting a firecracker. When you light it up it goes slowly until BOOM! it explodes.

Ahhhh! Their first kiss and their first sexy sexy scene... *fans myself*

Both Ryker and Justine's portrayal is such you can't help but make goo-goo eyes when they come together...

Oh Ryker!

Ryker and Justine's chemistry is explosive and they just gel into each other so amazingly. These two are FANTASTIC together.

As much as I loved this book and was most definite 5 Star read, sadly the last 10% was what knocked down that one star. There was a lot of stuff going on all at once that I felt was a tad bit unnecessary.

But keeping that small bit aside, Meghan March is quickly becoming by go-to author. I have loved her alpha males and tough and ballsy female heroines and GAHHH!! Meghan can write some seriously HAWT scenes. You can feel the heat from your Kindle.

Did I enjoy this book? HELL YES!
Would I recommend it even after that small bit? ABSOLUTELY!

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