BOOK REVIEW ― Kaden by Brit Lauren


"I’m selling your fantasy. Are you buying? 

My name is Kaden Ryan and I’m a male escort. I never intended to become an escort, but an opportunity fell into my lap and I took it. It was simple: get paid for sex, an orgasm, a night of pleasure. It's certainly an easy way to work my way through medical school.

But not everyone's fantasy is as simple as an orgasm. Some women like the game, and one in particular wants to push me to places I never thought I would go, paid or otherwise. She's going to be the one to give me a real education."

Rating & Review


This tease and excruciatingly hot romp is apparently second in the series...I can't imagine the heat and freaking intensity of book one. After reading this, I have to get Thor!

Kaden is my new fantasy man at the end of the book. But in the beginning, he is a boy. Watch him transform into the powerful, beast he becomes...

Oh and extra panties might not be a bad idea for this quick read.

Read and Reviewed by Becky Rendon.

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