BOOK REVIEW — Blood Type (Blood Type, #1) by K.A. Linde


descriptionHe was plainly terrifying to behold, but also…gorgeous. Horrifyingly beautiful.

Did someone say VAMPIRES?! They've been my weakness since 2009 when I picked up Twilight! *Don't judge*

It's been a few days since I finished it and GAHHH!!! It took me one day, legit, ONE DAY to finish this book and it feels like AGES since I've done something like this.
In the world created by Linde, Vampires rule and control and the Humans are living in poverty, barely making ends meet.

Living in a run-down neighbourhood, Reyna Carpenter needs money to help her two brothers out, so she does the one thing that she knows her brother will hate —signing up to be a blood escort at Visage, the largest corporation run by vampires, that places humans with vampires according to their blood type for them to feed off.
What Reyna didn't expect was to be paired with Beckham Anderson, a powerful vampire and a top executive member of Visage.

Beckham Anderson, he is one of those characters that you would love to hate and hate to love but what I felt him was a little less than hate. It was more along the lines of dislike.
Now, he never did anything that would harm Reyna or put her in danger. He was quite the opposite of his "friends". He would run away from Reyna to protect her but somehow Reyna always found her in trouble. He controlled his innate desire as a vampire and there were points in the story where you see him give into the "human" desires only to pull back and bring his walls back up.

While I was okay with some of Beckham's decisions there some really, REALLY stupid decisions her made time and again and I really wish I could get inside the book and hit his head. *snort* Can you imagine hitting a vampire?

descriptionBeckham, your girl looks like a dream, don’t you think?” Beckham had been staring off and away at that moment, but suddenly he snapped back to attention. His eyes landed on Reyna, and everything narrowed down to him.
Only him.
“A dream. A daydream,” he agreed. “And a nightmare.”

Regardless of their push and pull Reyna and Beckham make quite the amazing pair. They just need to stop making stupid decisions. Add to this mix the multiple side characters that you WILL hate, (apart from Reyna's brothers) and a character that will take you by surprise, Blood Type was an absolute page turner for me.

To me, Linde has already proved to be amazing at writing PNR when she came out with The Ascension Series and with Blood Type, she is definitely branching out and totally nailing it.

descriptionBeckham was not a shining prince on a white horse riding in to save her. The world they lived in was not a peaceful kingdom where all worries disappeared.

The concept of Blood Type is fresh! I've never read anything that was set in such a world. There were times when I closed the book because I wanted to savour it and as freaking usual I went back to it again and again because I HAVE ZERO CONTROL!!!!

There is not a single slow moment. Honestly, there will be times like you feel the progress is slow but trust me, it's not the case.

The push and pull, the slow burn, the building of the plot and THAT FREAKING CLIFFHANGER... AHHH!!! *pulls hair out*

I'm so glad I finally got the chance to pick this one up and now my only demand or request, whatever you would like to call it (lol!) — I. WANT. BOOK. TWO!

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