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Falling Down (Rockstar, #1)Falling Down by Anne Mercier
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"I was twelve when I started crushing on him. 

I was seventeen when I met him by chance and our connection was made.

Now here I am, twenty-three, and I'm one of the two actresses in the video for his band's latest single. 

Jesse Kingston is a tall, dark, and gorgeous temptation I'm finding hard to resist. It ends up not being as simple as doing a job and going home. It can't be when he continually makes his presence known with his not-so-innocent touches and sexy words. There is no avoiding him and after spending so much time with him, I'm not sure I want to. 

So, when he proposes a weekend together, knowing I should say no, I throw caution to the wind and instead I say yes. I'm going to ignore the warning signs and do what I normally wouldn't--I'm going to give in to my desire. I'm going to indulge my fantasies and give this sexy rocker what he wants and something he won't forget--me. 

The only question is: Is one weekend going to be enough? Will our time end up changing this bad boy? Or will it end up changing me?"

My Thoughts 

This book had everything!

* 5 ridiculously hot, sexy as sin rockstars

* An Academy award winning actress

* One top and famous model

* Loyal friends

* and hoards and hoards of laughter

But first,
OMG!!!!! Jesse Kingston! *swoon* Now like I said before, ridiculously hot, sexy singer of the band Falling Down. I loved him. He literally oozes sexiness.

Lucy, before she was an Academy award winning actress, she was a regular teenage girl who had a major crush on Jesse. She met him at the age of 12 at an airport and the sparks flew instantly.

I guess maybe Taylor Swift's song Spark's Fly could be applied here.

Now after 6 years *I think. I forgot* she meets Jesse again for recording a music video. And from there starts a love story which is full of chemistry, laughter and lots, and lots, and lots of naughty sex!

This book is bucket full of laughter. From the first chapter to the last line of the book, there was a constant smile on my face, even midst that little angst.

This is a story about people coming together and becoming friends, and in that process they became a family. The transition of the Falling Down boys, Trace and Melody coming together and making their own place in Lucy, Sera and Jace's close knit family is beautiful.

Each and everyone of them fought for their dreams, fought for each others dreams, stood up for each other and most importantly the love they shared in such a short time.

All in all, it was a beautiful story of love, laughter,family and friendship

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