Keeping in mind the previous requests and the inability for the Google Form to perform the required function for me, I have made quite a few changes for the requests. Please read the whole thing before going through with it.

If you are interested in having your book reviewed by me then please send me an email with the books description along with a few more answers to my questions. 

I accept review requests from authors, publishers, and publicists that are subjected to the author's work being compatible with my preferred genres, keeping in mind our current review schedule. My preferred genres are: Young Adult, New Adult, Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotic-Romance, Romantic Comedy, Young Adult Fantasy, Fantasy, Romantic Mystery. I also do sometimes venture into M/M, M/M/F and M/F/M.

A few questions that I would like for you to answer regarding your book(s) are:

  • Currently available? If no, then when is the release date?
  • Genre
  • Standalone or series?
  • If a series, is it a continuing story or interconnected standalones?
  • Is there a HEA? If no, what is it?
  • Is there cheating? If yes, then of what kind?
  • Is there a love triangle? Does it get resolved?
  • Describe your book. (Is it fluffy? Is it full of angst? keep-a-tissue-near-you emotional? Ugly cry? Comedy? Dark?)
Please be very thorough in your email. I've had a few books that I have had to leave in the middle and get back to a later date to finish and put up a review. Also include a synopsis, a small excerpt, Amazon link and Goodreads link .

If you are a reader or PA or a street team member please don't email me. I would like this particular mail to be from the author or the publisher. But if you wish to recommend me books you can either comment here or go to my Facebook or Goodreads page (see left sidebar for the links) 

Please send these requests via email to <>

All reviews written are the opinion of each one of us and they are subjective

While we all hope to connect with each book that we read, unfortunately that is not the case. We promise to be honest with each and every review and share as to why we love or couldn't click with a book.

NOTE:-  I will never deny a request sent. Given the fact that I'm currently pursuing my graduation and soon Masters and surrounded in a chaos of other blog related stuff authors please keep in mind that I will not be able to respond to every mail that is sent. Also I don't put up a review on the blog if it is below 3.5 stars for me. If I have read your book and liked or loved it I will always make it a point to email you the links of the review. (Amazon, Goodreads and Blog)

Thank you so much! 

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