Hi and welcome to my blog! 

I started this blog in January 2015 when I had finally thought I had procrastinated enough about starting a blog and went ahead with it. Since then and even before that I’ve had the most amazing opportunity to have ‘met’ and have had a chance to ‘speak’ to some absolutely wonderful authors and reads. You know, I always thought that there were hardly any people who read these days. Now let you into a tidbit, I didn’t have any social media account until 2012. After I finished 12th grade in 2013 I was allowed to have an account on Facebook and it was fun. But then I discovered Goodreads and I went completely mental. I was so happy to see so many people actually read! After that BAM!! I discovered the authors on Goodreads and subsequently on Facebook and then started the stalking. Oops! I meant following. I was meeting authors and readers left, right and centre and I’m still meet so many new faces! I was so happy to find that there were people who actually read the same books as me, who when their favourite book was mentioned went totally crazy and who just HAD to stay awake till 4 am or 5am because they really HAD to finish the book and then recommend it to
anyone who would listen! My heart was content.  

Okay, so now a little about me… I’m 20 years old and very much in a relationship with multiple book boyfriends (Shh. They don’t need to know I’m in love with so many of them.) A “perfect” book for me would involve a love story that can evoke such strong emotions that it makes my heart race and melt at the same time, makes me swoon, squeal and laugh out loud, a book that can make me shed a tear or two if not more (I’m not much of a crier, so when people cry at certain scenes I find it funny. No really, I’m serious!) Oh and definitely books that can make me smile like a loon and make my heart break at the same moment. Now give me any book with any of these includinan a HEA and I won’t mind reading it.

There are many readers out there that hate cliffhangers. Me? I LOVE CLIFFHANGERS!! I love the anticipation that keeps building until the release and when the second book is out. Never Never Series by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher are a prime example of this anticipation. The release day of those books! Oh god! The adrenaline and the way my body buzzes knowing the book is going to land on my Kindle at any given moment *sigh* BLISS!!
Two thing I can’t handle in a book –love triangles and deaths of the main character (Veronica Roth and Molly McAdams ring a bell?) IF a book involves a love triangle, I won’t read it unless and until I know that the couple that is meant to be together actually gets together!

Happy Ever Afters. This is a must in the books that I read. I NEED HEAs though, granted I’ve read books that don’t have a HEA but were so good that it just didn’t matter! I think HEA is kind of a security blanket for us readers. I mean, come on! We all want our happy-ever-after so it is kind of obvious that we would love to read it in a book too, right?

So, I told you what I liked and what I didn’t like in a book. Now I’ll tell you a weird fact about me. Spoilers! My friends love telling me what happens in a book. They think they will spoil the whole climax for me. You know what?! It doesn’t bother me. Tell me as many spoilers as you want, I will give you the reaction you are seeking for but when I would sit and read that book my emotions and reactions will 10x more than what you got. Really. Spoilers really don’t spoil anything for me. But me ruining a book for my spoiler-revealing friends. *evil laugh* I love the deadpan expressions they give me. So the joke is on my friends. Boo!

Oh and I LOVE ALPHA MALES! I love their possessive and protective streak. How they are crazy about their girls and even though they think they wear the pants in the relationship they actually don’t… Sorry. I went into LalaLand for a moment there.


Thank you so much for stopping by! xo