His Angel (The Angel Trilogy #1) | BOOK REVIEW


Title: His Angel (Angel Trilogy #1)
Author: Kimberly Blalock
Release Date:  31 December 2014
Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: Rohina

That's what I was since I read the excerpt of His Angel at the back of Blush

This book is Kimberly Blalock's first novel ever and I have to say, the past year I read many books by debut authors and His Angel succeeded in becoming my favorite among the other debut books.

This story definitely keeps you wondering.. For me it did, I literally had theories that I shared with Kimberly and its good to know that I got two right!! Yay me!

There is action, drama, love, hot-sex, and one extremely tall-dark and handsome Evan Young! Phew, that guy is just amazing. *Where can I find myself an Evan?* He was absolutely sweet. He was charming to the T. Oh yeah, but that's not it. Evan comes with a past of his own, he has to lie to protect and when the truth comes out everything falls apart literally.

Amy. Now this is one character that you will love. She is the female protagonists, Abby, best-friend, momma-bear, in a way her "soul mate." She is brutal, harsh, blunt and is willing to kill anyone that would come between her best-friends happiness, even if it means setting Ethan straight.

For me personally, the almost ending was my absolute favorite part of the book. The drama, the action, the angst that makes you keep wanting more and more.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone. 
This is definitely started with a bang!!

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