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Books always leave an impression on a person who reads it but there are some books that leave you with a sense of calm after you read them.

‘She Writes Love’ was that for me. 

It literally took me a couple of hours to finish this book and I can say that I loved every single minute of it.

Paisley, at the age of 27, lost her husband to massive heart attack on their one-year anniversary. Even after a year she hurts for him and can’t seem to move own. 
She works as a columnist, known as ‘Dear Paisley’, for LA Times. 

Every Saturday, since the day everything came crashing down she writes letters to her dead husband ending the letters with ‘Love forever, Paisley.’

These letters are more than just letters to her husband. They were a deeper insight to the emotions that Paisley keeps hidden from everyone, everyone except Ben.

Ben lost his wife Amy to a cervical cancer after a five year marriage. Now he works as a firefighter and in his free time makes furniture.

A chance encounter brings them together at a group therapy session. And this was the start of something beautiful.

As the book progresses, the bond between Ben and Paisley evolves. 

Any relationship that ends tragically, there is always a loving and supporting family behind them.
Paisley’s mom and dad, her sisters- Charlotte and Piper and her brother Keaton have been supportive of her. Even they are over bearing, they want nothing but the best for her. 
But the relationship that stands out is that of Keaton and Paisley.

Ben’s mom, dad and brother want nothing more for him but to move on with his life and who better than Paisley.

The road to love was not easy for them. A small but poignant moment made Paisley re- think about her life.

Midst all of this, there was one person who made a huge difference.


He was, in no other better term, an angel in disguise.
He was the acting force between the commencement of Ben and Paisley’s relationship. He was the one giving advice to Ben and pushing him to talk and go out with Paisley.

He knew what it meant to lose someone he loved.

And do you want to know who David is??
Well, for you to find that out, you will have to read it but the one thing I can tell you is that when you read further you might know who he is.

‘She Writes Love’ is more than just the title of the book. It’s the story of a man and woman who are on the journey to re-discover their lives after a tragic accident forever altered them. 

It’s a story about moving on.

A story about re-discovering life.

A story about living again.

A story….about finding love again.

5 Stars!

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