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Amplify (Rockstar #3)Amplify by Anne Mercier
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"He’s my protector, my confidante. Then one night he became more. I want him, I need him, and, if I’m honest with myself, I love him. I just don’t know if he’ll ever see me as more than what we’ve always been: friends. I don’t want to lose him but it’s getting harder and harder to keep my feelings to myself. Should I risk it all or play it safe?

She’s my light, my saving grace. The night we came together I knew I could never live without her. I want her to be mine: my lover, my friend. Maybe, if I can get her to see past all the reasons why we shouldn’t be together, she’ll be my forever. It just might be time to turn it up and go for broke."

My Thoughts 

'Anne you are officially my pimp!!!
I've never had one author give me sooooooooooooooooo many hot men in one book!!!! *drools* (And here I thought I would be one man woman! Sheesh'

This was reaction at only 30% of the book. It true!! The book is filled with HOT guys! Smoldering hot and the most lovable girls! Well, almost all of them anyway.

There is just so much to talk about this book and I won't be able to that without giving away things that be read and then discussed.

As opposed to the first two books 'Falling Down' and 'Blush', which are sweet, sexy, mild angst-y and intense, and one novella Xander's Christmas , which for all intents and purposes is HILARIOUS!!! And why wouldn't it be, it is Xander after all we are talking about!

'Amplify' on the other hand is more intense. Its raw and more angst-y. Perfectly describing Cage and Sera's relationship. Not everything was sunshine and rainbows for those two.

Now to the characters...

Let's start with Cage Nicholas (<- data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-cage....="" data-blogger-escaped-cage="" data-blogger-escaped-nicholas="">
In the author's words 'He's huge'!!!! pun totally intended, even though she wrote 'get your mind out of the gutter' Nu-uh. Not happening! How can you even expect us to!

You meet him in 'Falling Down', 'Blush' and Xander's Christmas.

He comes across as a person that one would thing twice before fucking (no pun) with him. He is loyal, hardworking, business mogul and a mafia. But it's not until you peel all those layers that you get to meet the real Cage.

Now that Cage, that Cage is cheesy, romantic, protective and the best of all he loves Sera to a fault. And he is not afraid of letting anyone know.

Serafina or Sera is a girl who you will love. She is perfectly matched to Cage. She is loyal, protective of the one's she loves, she is not afraid to speak her mind. But then I think it's a Russo thing because none of the Russo women have a problem in speaking their mind.

Even after being dealt with a bad hand when she was kid she came out really strong. Yes, she has her insecurities, she runs from Cage and what she feels for him, his past, her past, but who doesn't!!

This book perfectly showcases Sera and Cage's relationship. Raw, intense, unforgiving, forgiving.

The scenes that I particularly loved in the book:

♫ Xan MY Man!! He is absolutely hilarious! ( YES! I called dibs on him! Back Off!!)

♫ All action scenes

♫ Cage playing the guitar and singing for Sera *le Sigh!( You know what he was singing! Oh, you don't! Well go read the book!)

♫ The cemetery scene (Yes! Someone died! Oh stop with the gasping and widening of your eyes! go to Amazon and one-click the book, lady! Assuming its a woman reading this review)

♫ The bad-ass Sera scene! God, I absolutely loved that one! (Is it weird I replaced Sera in that scene with me? I don't know)

♫ The wedding ( Uh-huh. Are you really sure, it was Cage and Sera's wedding? *evil laugh* Yeah, well Anne never does what we think, does she?)

♫ Xan MY Man!! Oh wait I already mentioned him!

This book was different in so many ways yet keeping true to the author's writing style.

I give this book a definite 5 'Always and Forever' Stars

P.S. I want Interlude! Like, yesterday!

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