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Empty Promises (Promises, #3)Empty Promises by Elle Brooks
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"Emily ~

What would you do if you knew when you were going to die? Would you will death to come and claim you quickly? Or would you pray for more time? 
It wasn’t until I knew that I was about to die, that I decided to really live. And it wasn’t until I gave up on love, that I finally found it. Just not in any of the places that I’d been searching. 
Sometimes you don’t get the fairytale happily ever after, but if you’re lucky, you get so much more. You get a perfect beginning that you can keep hold of until the end."

My Thoughts

I literally have no words to say about this book.

I mentioned this before in a review, that it is very rare for me to cry when I read. Well, Elle Brooks, you have succeeded in making me cry and I mean the whole short breath-silent-snot cry.

This book was all parts amazing, beautiful and emotional.

'Empty Promises' is a companion novel to 'Forgotten Promises' and 'Promises Hurt'

This novella is based on Emily, Blair's best friend, and her journey through the months before cancer took away her life.

This is book pulls at you heartstrings. That dull ache that you can't help but feel for Emily.

The one best thing about this novella was how Elle Brooks gave Emily 'life' in the midst of heartache. How Emily appreciated the smallest of things that one rarely ever notices.

Elle Brooks has the ability to make the reader fall in love with her characters, be it Ethan < Blair, Brie, Casey, TJ, Jackson and Emily. And now let's add one more person to this list.

Lucas Wade.

The saying 'don't judge a book by its cover' applies to him. He definitely is not what he seems.

He is, in a way, an angel in disguise.

He like Emily is on borrowed time, but he doesn't let it affect him. He literally lives life to the fullest.

He helps Emily in ways she would have never thought.

He made her laugh, he made her feel alive. He made her live again.

He was the 'silver lining' in her dark days. And most importantly, he made Emily fall in love with him, granted the ways we cheesy but it was that cheesiness that left a huge smile on my face.

So, yeah, Lucas Wade was the Hero
The Knight in Shinning Armour

The Romeo to her Juliet. Why? because , this is a tragic love story without a HEA.

But like Ms. Brooks said, 'It is the tragic ones that are the best'

I give it a 5 'Promises' Stars

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