Remember When (Remember Trilogy #1) by T.Torrest | BOOK REVIEW


Title: Remember When (Remember #1)
Author: T.Torrest
Release Date:  14 April 2014
Rating: 5

Reviewer: Rohina

Can you believe I read this book last year and I am writing a review for it now!
Well, better late than never…

You want to read something that takes you back to your high school days?

A book that will remind you of your first crush/love/boyfriend?
You first kiss?

You first touch?

Your first love note?

Then this is book for you!!!

This story is not just about love or just Trip and Layla. This book is about friends and the friendship you share with them.

Every single character in this book was amazing! Be it Trip, Layla, Lisa even the popular girl of high school, every single one of them were absolutely amazing!

Oh! Even Layla’s dad.

“Layla! Trip’s here. Please put some clothes on before coming down”

As the blurb says :

Years before Trip Wiley could be seen on movie screens all over the world, he could be seen sitting in the desk behind me in my high school English class.
This book is set in 1991, where Trip Wiley was better known as Trip C. Wilmington III who was found to be sitting behind Layla Warren in English Class.

Layla Warren also known as Layla effin Warren (by Trip) is such a lovable character. The moment you start reading and get into her head you connect with her and that connection stays with you throughout the book, the
series, hell even when you finish the series!!

And she is just so damn funny!

“Are you there, God? It's me, Layla. I know I just jerked off some guy who is not even my boyfriend in the bathroom of this crappy, brown house. But if you could find a way to kill me quickly and painlessly within the next ten seconds, I promise to never touch another penis again. Well, I'll be dead, so, I guess I promise not to whore it up in heaven. Which, of course is where you'll be sending me, right? I mean I'd hate to think you'd deny me an eternity behind your pearly gates just because of one impetuous handjob. Thank you. Sincerely, Layla Warren. Amen.”

Trip! Oh Trip! You can’t not just help falling for that guy… He literally has you swooning by the end of the book

You're beautiful. The kind of beautiful that doesn't go away. Do you even know how beautiful you are?

I wasn’t even 20% in the book when I knew that I loved this book and it is going to be with me forever. This book is highly recommended to everyone. Even if someone doesn’t read give them this book, they will love it!

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