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The Pact

Title: The Pact
Author: Karina Halle
Release Date:  28 December 2015
Rating: 4.5

Reviewer: Rohina

This is my first book by Karina Halle and I really liked the book, especially Linden.

As the blurb already says that two friend make a pact to marry each other of they are single till the age of 30.

Linden attracted me from the start. He is scottish and has the thick scottish accent. He is your typical player who sleeps around a lot and who incidentally fell in live with his best friend Stephanie.

Stephanie Robson is a woman with aims and dreams. She wants to own her own clothing store which she does by the age if 29. She even has a record for dating douche bags, one of then being her best friend James.

James was one character that I didn't take an immediate liking for. Actually I didn't even like him even after I finished the book.
I found James to be one of these seriously messed up people who blames someone else and keep comparing themselves with someone who had money a.k.a Linden. He even went as far as breaking Stephanie and Linden because he thought he was in love with her.
I mean really!!
How could you be so selfish and then even had the audacity to say that he wanted her because Linden had everything! James was actually three months too late to apologise and I hope I was not the only one who wanted to kick him in the balls.

The crazy ass characters in the book that you would literally want to bitch slap are Nadine, Janes and Owen.

All in all I really loved the book, especially Linden.

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