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Twisted Bond (Holly Woods Files, #1)Twisted Bond by Emma Hart
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I’m an Italian-Texan woman in a family full of cops. I’m passionate and shoot before I think. You only f*ck with me if you’re stupid.

Photograph cheating spouses. Hand over the evidence. Cash my check.
That was my plan when I returned home to Holly Woods, Texas, and became a private investigator.
Finding the dead body in my dumpster? Yeah… Given the choice, I think I would have opted out of that little discovery, especially since all three of my brothers are cops. And my Italian grandmother is sure the reason I’m single is because of my job.
Of course, my connection to the victim is entirely coincidental. Until I’m hired by her husband to investigate her murder and shoved bang-smack into the path of Detective Drake Nash. My nemesis, a persistent pain in my ass, and one hell of a sexy son of a bitch.
Shame he still holds a grudge from that time I shot him in the foot twelve years ago, or we could have something. In another life.
So now all I have to do is avoid my nonna’s blind dates, try not to blackmail my brothers into giving me confidential police files, and absolutely do not point my gun at Drake Nash. Or kiss him. Or jump his bones.
All while I hunt down the killer.
Sounds totally simple—until a second body proves that sometimes things that start as coincidences don’t always end up that way…

My Thoughts

I-a enjoyed-a the book-a!!!

My name is Bond...
Noelle Bond.

Twisted Bond is the first of Emma Hart's Holly Woods Files Series. This book is a mix of Bond(s) and Agatha Christie. But instead of a British hunk with his swanky gadgets and Poirot with his 'little gray cells', we have Noelle and the rest of the Bond family and Nonna!. Yes, I separated Nonna from the Bond family because well, she deserves a separate post for herself!

Oh, oh, oh! and how can I forget DETECTIVE DRAKE NASH!!! *sigh!* The sexual tension throughout the book was so palpable.

From the moment Emma had announced that she was writing a new book that was different from the rest, I literally didn't expect the complete 180. This is not her typical writing style and I have to say I loved how she executed the story!

I was into the book since the first page and I was completely drawn in the mystery that was THE MYSTERY until it was revealed!

When one reads a mystery novel, you expect it to be dry, sarcastic, black and white with a hint of gray, but what you don't expect in a murder mystery is sassy remarks, amazing one-liners. I swear Emma Hart is the queen of sarcastic and sassy remarks.

Oh and Nonna! LOVE HER!! This woman just doesn't deserve a separate mention but also a completely different review altogether!

Noelle is as sassy and sarcastic as her other female characters and Drake, hmm Drake has all the sexy one liners.

"Another threat." He whips his handcuffs out and dangles them in my face.
"Want me to use 'em, ma'am?
Yes please!

Now, the other reason why I LOVED this book was, unlike other murder mysteries I couldn't guess who the killer was until the minute it was revealed! And I loved that! For me a great murder mystery is when it leaves you guessing until the end and even then it leaves you wanting to go back and connect all the dots.

"It's short and harsh and hot, the kiss is almost bruising in its intensity, and it's like everything has stopped, the world stilling on its axis. No more ticking clocks, no more wondering about tomorrow or next week and next year. Just now, Here, now. This second. This very moment. This very touch that is equal parts thrilling and terrifying, because no one should be able to make someone feel like there is nothing left in existence but one simple kiss."

God! The sexual tension between Noelle and Drake was too much. Too palpable. Till the last page I could just feel the sexual energy between them. But when these two came together it was fireworks! All those, fights, the innuendos, the threats came together perfectly. And mind you there isn't a lot of sex.

Just one actually and I won't tell you where!

I LOVED this book and I cannot wait to read and see what Emma has planned for the second book.

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