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Whispered Truths (Truths, #1)Whispered Truths by Anne Mercier
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My life literally changed in the blink of an eye. I was happy, I was whole... and then my father died. Since then I haven't been the same. I've been battling inner demons as well as the ones on the outside--my mother the evilest of them all. It's time to take control of my life and Kyle Cooper makes me believe that I can.

I've been half in love with Myah Wilks for as long as I can remember. She's short and sassy--or she was until tragedy struck. Changes in her life left an opening for me, the one I've been waiting for and I'm jumping--with both feet. This amazing girl has more fight in her pinky than most people do in their whole body... she just needs to be reminded. She also needs to purge those demons and let her secrets go. Maybe, just maybe, she'll let me in and trust me with her whispered truths."

My Thoughts

It's becoming a habit of mine that whenever a book written by Anne lands on my Kindle, I start smiling and grinning like a loon. Maybe even clap like a seal!

Whispered Truths is definitely different from The Rockstar Series The story is about Myah Wilks and Kyle Cooper who have known each other since they were in diapers.

They have loved each other secretly for a long time. And yes, when I say long I mean LONG TIME. Anne Mercier explains my statement best in a few lines.

"Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Instant attraction- for years... Attraction grows until it can no longer be denied and kabalm! Boy and girl come together."

I have to say, I enjoyed every single character in book. Well, obviously except a selected few, and I know there will be readers who will agree with me.

"Now you're talking. Threesome!!"


"Patience, oh King of Flatulence."
(God! I laughed so hard at this section of the book!)

^ THIS!! is what I love the most about Anne's writing and how awesome are the people she creates. People I would absolutely not mind being friends with!!

It's true. Anne Mercier's books has the best people, the friends, the acquaintances, the EVERYTHING!!! I'm in love!

And before anybody says this.... KYLE COOPER IS MINE!!!! Back off ladies! Back off!

Kyle. Oh Kyle! *Sigh* I want a boyfriend like him. He is not like your typical book boyfriend. He is so sweet that you will get diabetes. Caring, loving, not bad to look at (at least from what I have pictured)

I just...
I just wanna cuddle with him and stay like that forever...

That's it. That's ALL I'm gonna talk about because if I go any further will start giving away everything!!

P.S. Anne you are becoming my go-to author for when I'm need of angst-free reads. Literally! It is a (I don't know the word) specialty maybe, that you write about a few heavy topics without making it angst-y or the moment when your stomach falls because what happened with the character(s) was bad. Kudos!

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