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Tangled Bond (Holly Woods Files, #2)Tangled Bond by Emma Hart
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One date with the sexier-than-sin Detective Drake Nash. Simple.

Until you take into account that my brother finally proposed to his girlfriend, so Nonna is on a warpath—and the crazy old bat has Cupid by the balls.

The upcoming mayoral elections has everyone running on full speed, and while I couldn’t give any less craps about the corrupt Holly Woods mayor’s office, a dead body in the middle of a campaign speech has me thrown right into the middle of it. The victim is close to the mayor, but all he cares about is minimizing the damage to his campaign, so he hires me to work alongside Drake to close the case as quickly as possible.

Bad news for our tentative relationship.

We disagree far more than we agree, but being at loggerheads won’t get this murder solved… Or deal with the arrival of someone from his past.
The mysteries behind the murder aren’t the only things unraveling, and despite being knee-deep in lies and corruption and bonds so tangled they’re almost indecipherable, I have to figure out if I’m willing to fight for Drake the way I do justice…
Or if he’ll be my one who gets away.

My Thoughts

Ahhh!!! Can we change the title? Remove the Tangled and make it Cupcake Bond or Tangled Cupcake Bond or... I don't know but the cupcake seriously needs to be in the title!

I swear the Holly Wood Files is going to make me crave cupcakes every time I read this series! And you know what's the tragic part? I don't have Gigi's Cupcakes! CUPCAKES ARE NOT EASILY AVAILABLE HERE!!! What do I do about my craving now?!

But seriously, if you for a second thought that Twisted Bond was fun, sexy and got you twisted in all its mystery then you are in for a surprise because, Tangled Bond will leave you tangled in its intricate web which is the perfect blend of sexy, sassy, romance and the mystery that will leave you reeling.

You thought figuring out the killer in the first book was hard? HA!! in this book Emma Hart makes it damn near impossible! I mean HELLO!!! Can I get one of the suspects/killer right?!

"I want more with you," he growls.
"Even if it means we threaten to kill each other ten times a day and argue fifty. That's your definition of love. Hate so passionate it's real and tangible. And sweet shit, Noelle, I hate the fuck outta you more often that I think I even like you."

*sigh* Hart's Heroes are so damn easy to fall in love with! Every single one of them! And Detective Drake Nash is no less.
No matter how much Noelle denies Drake is the man for her and he is not afraid to tell her that. He is strong, stubborn, passionate, and a true alpha-male.
If Noelle was a real person and if she would have still been fighting off the attraction between her and Drake, I would have told her that Drake is mine! But then this heartfelt moment happens and I your heart can't help but stutter and race <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
"I want to be yours." My words are so quiet, and I stroke my thumb down the side of his neck.
"I want it so badly."
"Then be mine," he murmurs.
"It's that simple, bella."
"Make me, " I murmur back."Make me yours."

And then Nonna + Noelle = SASS OVERLOAD!! As if their wit and feisty attitude isn't enough to handle one at a time, them clashing together ends up them having such conversations:

"Nonna, I love you, but no woman needs a man. We already get periods--why the hell do we need something else in our life that's going to force us to eat copious amounts of icecream?"

Tangled Bond is a fun and sexy read and the intricacies and mystery makes it an enjoyable read. I highly recommend the Holly Wood Files Series to everyone! You won't be disappointed!

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