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Something About LoreleiSomething About Lorelei by Sandi Lynn
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"My name is Jack Sutton, CEO of Sutton Fashion Magazine.
I had the world at my fingertips: A successful career, loads of money, and beautiful women who were always at my beck and call. My problem? I lived under the shadow of my mother, who started the company over thirty years ago. Not to mention her being married and divorced six times, which left a bad taste in my mouth as far as relationships were concerned.

“Women to me were nothing but mere toys. They were meant to be played with for my own personal pleasure and, when I was done playing, they’d get tossed to the side.”

Then, in walked Lorelei Flynn. She was beautiful and so wrong for me. The problem? She was my personal assistant and she was closed off, to say the least. Despite being the beautiful woman she was, I had an overwhelming need to find out what was underneath all that surface beauty. It was something I couldn’t explain. There was just something about Lorelei.

My name is Lorelei Flynn.

I was Jack Sutton’s fifteenth personal assistant in a little over a year. My boyfriend was killed seven years ago in a car accident. Before he died, he gave me a gift: my daughter Hope. My life only revolved around her. I didn’t date and I hadn’t had sex in seven years. Then Jack Sutton came into my life and he was as sexy as sin, but he was nothing but a womanizer and my boss. The line was drawn the day I took the job, and it was one that couldn’t be crossed. Or shouldn’t be crossed. But it was crossed, and now the only world I’d known was suddenly changing and it scared the hell out of me.
My Thoughts

Sandi Lynn is my go-to author when I want to read something cute and quick about love, family, an alpha male and a reluctant heroine. All her books are the same. Same pattern nothing major and life-changing happens and it is this very characteristic that pulls me to her books because sometimes I just want to read something that is fluff and even if there is a angst, it is so minimal, the love, fluff and comical moments over power it.

Something About Lorelei is exactly that. In this book we have Jack Sutton, CEO of Sutton Magazine. He is a player, downright rude and brash, doesn't understand the concept of personal boundaries, hates kids and thinks women as disposable and only meant to spend one night with him.

Lorelei Flynn, due to a tragedy at the age of 18, is a single mother to a 7 year old girl Hope, who I might say is downright polite and adorable. Lorelei raises Hope all by herself with the help of her mother and best friend Stella.

Hope. God! She is just so dang cute! She is one little meddler. She wants her mother to date and she comes up with the most amazing and comic dinner conversations!

"Why don't you date?"
"Why are you asking me that?"
"I don't know. Addison's mom started seeing someone and Addison really likes him. I just want you to know that I wouldn't mind if you started seeing someone."
"I haven't met anyone worth dating, I guess."
"I don't think you try."
"That's because you're all I need."
"Maybe you should try a dating site. That's where Addison's mom met her boyfriend."

A complete gem, isn't she? Lol.

This book has some really amazing comical moments that left me laughing so hard. For example, on the first day as Jack's PA, she is sent to the supermarket by Jack to buy condoms for her. Yeah, so read it. He sent her to buy condoms and well here it is, the deep deliberation of what he would have wanted:

"Okay, so does he want it thin, sensitive or maybe stronger? Textured or non textured? Was he a freak and into colored condoms? Desensitizing condoms? Lubed or non-lubed? Fuck if I knew. Damn him for making me do this. I grabbed the ultra-ribbed Ecstasy one and took the box up to the counter."

A little tragedy leaves Lorelei in a hospital and Jack is left to tend to Hope and that situation on itself was so hilarious! Here are a few snippets to let you know, how comical that was:

"Do you know how to read?
"I'm seven. Of course I can read." She shook her head as she looked at me. I couldn't help but smile, because at that moment, she reminded me so much of Lorelei. She set down her her menu and looked at me me. "I can't read this menu. The words are too big."


"We're going to be late."
"No we aren't."
"Yes, we are."
"Hope, we won't be late." We were late.


"You are one special little girl. How would you like to go ti Disney World?"
"Are you being serious Jack? Because it's not nice to play with a girl's emotions"

I just loved Jack and Hope together!

Sandi writes about characters that are real with real problems. Their problems are what anyone faces on a normal day. There is nothing over the top. There is enough scope as well for the characters to grow.

You will laugh and you will want to kick Jack's ass (Oooo it rhymes!) and possibly claw his pretty face but you will also like him. You will love Lorelei, her strength, her tenacity, her need to fight and be independent is something that will attract you. And of course. You will most definitely, without a doubt LOVE LOVE LOVE Hope!

4 'Prince Charming' Stars!

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