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Ballad (Rockstar #5)Ballad by Anne Mercier
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She walked on the bus and my heart stopped beating. When she looked my way with that sassy smile, it came back to life. Looking at her, getting to know her, I know she's the one for me—but she's so young. Her life is just starting and I've already done my fair share of living. I want her to be mine but is it right for me to ask her to settle down before she's really had a chance to live?

He keeps watching me. I can't help but look back. He's gorgeous: tall, messy dark hair, and those intensely blue eyes captivating me. My life hasn't been easy by any means. Because of that I've had to grow up much faster than normal women do. I think that's why our age difference doesn't bother me at all. I wish it didn't bother him because this attraction isn't going away anytime soon and, in truth, I don't want it to. He could very possibly be my happily-ever-after and no matter how much he tries, I'm not going to let him talk me out of it until we give this a fighting chance."
My Thoughts

descriptionDon't you know that family isn't always blood? Family is where you make it.

Ballad is the fifth book in the Rockstar Series by Anne Mercier and is COMPLETELY different to its predecessors. Jesse and Lucy's books are light and fluffy, Cage and Sera's book was intense and darker and well Xan 'MY' Man (watch out ladies. I claimed him a long time back! Back. Off!) provides the right amount laughter and madness, Ben and Nicole's book is emotional.

We met Ben in the first book and in case you haven't read the series he is Jesse's brother. Following him throughout we knew the kind of character Ben was... I think I need to rephrase that. We thought we knew who Ben was. Anne portrayed him as a fun character who give as much as he could take. I always thought that the two brothers couldn't be further apart in their nature. Well. WRONG! (Thanks Anne for never doing what is expected) Ben is more like Jesse than I ever thought he could be! In his emotions and the way he feels for Nicole, Ben is on the same level as Jesse if not more! Ben would do anything for her. Even keep himself away from her as to not hurt her.

Nicole or Coley is the 'Blush Baby' and definitely not what I had expected her to be. She is blunt, quick, sometimes a little bitchy and sassy as hell! There we times when I just wanted to slap the hell out of her. But just because I wanted to do that doesn't mean that she wasn't easy to love. Of course, that happened for me when I almost at the ending.

There was a constant tension throughout the book concerning Nicole which left me turning the pages at a lightening to speed to know if everything was gonna be fine. Things turned out be fine. Actually they are turned to be fantastically great... Oh you thought... Let's me be clear. NO!!

NO things were not fine!
Things were an absolute mess!
Things just couldn't stop!
Things just couldn't stop being just that... THINGS!!!
Oh no no no no no no, HELL NO! Because Anne gave the mother of all twists which resulted in me throwing a tantrum like a two year old.

Over all I liked the book and the constant twist and a few heart stopping moments that held my interest till the end.

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