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Dirty Billionaire (The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy, #1)Dirty Billionaire by Meghan March
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"I've got a big dick and an even bigger bank account. That's pretty much where my bio ends. 
Honestly, I don't need to say anything else. I've just sold 99% of women on going home with me. 
Do I sound like an asshole to you? 
That's because I am. 
And guess what? It works for me just fine. 
Or at least it did. 
Until I met her. 
Books talk about sparks flying. Fuck that shit. With her, it was like emergency flares mixed with jet fuel. Or maybe just straight up napalm. 
Only one problem. 
She wouldn't tell me her name or her number when she disappeared from the hotel room after the hottest fucking night of my life. 
Now I've had a taste of unicorn pussy—the sweetest, rarest of all pussy—and I need it again. 
So what's an asshole to do? 
I took this problem to the street. A missed connection gone viral. 
And when I find her? I'm keeping her."

My Thoughts

descriptionJudge me all you want; I don't give a fuck what you think about me. Because I own half this town, and the other half isn't worth having.


I swear I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up this book and I certainly didn't think I would be hooked AND finish it in an hour and a half! This was my first Meghan March book and I just fell in love with the protagonists, Holly and Creighton.

Holly Wix always had one dream. To become one of the top American country singer, but what she didn't know about was the challenges that she would have to go through before she could be even a smidgen near her dream.

Enter the 'Dirty Billionaire' Creighton Karas, who has is the principal of the school where the other learn about the ropes to an alpha male, extreme dirty talking and all the more hot, steamy panting sex.

One night. Holly took a chance on a stranger and spent a night full of passion with a man who was willing to let go of her after everything was said and done. Holly was shocked that she could hold a billionaire like Creighton's interest for more than a night. Everything was fun and games at first before but everything goes into a spin leaving the two marries.

Holly is the heroine that will not let go her dreams and definitely not for Creighton and his, at times, absurd demands. She is one woman who makes him work for her attention, goes toe-to-toe with him on his whims and doesn't mind giving her two cents, something that a man like Karas isn't used to.

It's safe to say that this book got me HOOKED and I'm sooooo ready to see what happens in the next installment.

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