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Dirty Pleasures (The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy, #2)Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March
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"I did it. I married a billionaire. 
My reasons are my own, but the last thing I expected was to feel owned. 
I may have taken vows, but I’m still determined to be me. 
Now his rules are taking over my world, but I’m not the kind of girl to just obey. 
There’s only one problem: I might actually be falling for him… 
I have no idea how this marriage is going to go, but holding onto a piece of myself while succumbing to his dirty pleasures is shaping up to be the ride of a lifetime. "
My Thoughts

GAHHH!!! I enjoyed this book so so so much!

Starting right off the bat, Dirty Pleasure follows the story of the country startlet, Holly Wix and her billionaire husband Creighton Karas as they weave their way through the stardom and the learn the ropes on how it is to be on road.

descriptionHolly, this is your fucking husband. Where the fuck are you? And if you think you’re fucking done with me, you’re dead wrong, sweetheart. Better get ready, because I’m fucking coming for you.

After Holly left Creighton with a goodbye note in Dirty Billionaire , Creighton follows her and tags along with the remaining end of the tour. And you what? This book got more HOTTER as the 'Dirty Billionaire' what he is a master of... Lots and lots of dirty talking and dirty off-the-charts-steamy sex!!! And this is not where it ends! We see a whole new side of Creighton, which was caring, sweet, protective, loving and whole lot of possessive. With all these new characteristics we also learn more about his past and the mother of all bombs. An ex-wife (view spoiler) who definitely piqued my interest and I really hope to see her in the next book.

As again Meghan leaves us with...
Wait for it...

Okay. It's okay Meghan. Just leave us in a cloud of uncertainty coming up with the most ridiculous scenarios. Just don't worry. Take your time. No pressure.

I can't wait to find out what happens in the final installment, Dirty Together!!

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