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The Way Back To Me(The Way #1)The Way Back To Me by Anne Mercier


"She used to be perky, fun, and full of life—everything I hated about girls and their bullshit exterior. People called her bubbly; I called her “fake-as-hell.”

The edgy, dark, lonely girl in front of me was not the Olivia Brennan I knew from high school—far from it, actually. I knew the story—the whole town knew the story, we witnessed it all. It happened in the blink of an eye and the girl we knew was gone.

But I refuse to watch it anymore—I can’t stand it. I’m going to fix it—fix her. It’s time I showed Olivia her way back…Back to the girl she used to be."

My Thoughts

description I am alone. I'm still feeling. This is unacceptable."

As I am sitting here and writing this review, I can't put it in words and tell you how much Anne Mercier has come far in her books, in her characters, in her storyline and definitely in her writing.

The Way Back To Me was something that I hadn't expected. To say I enjoyed this book would be an understatement of the year. I LOVED this book so much! This book kept me in its clutches from the dedication! I just... I never expected Anne to write such a book! I literally had tears in my eyes and that to just by reading the Prologue! The Way Back To Me is about heartache, love, loss, friendship, tough revelations and second chances

Olivia endured a heartbreaking soul shattering tragedy in an accident which took away four people that she held dearest to her heart. The energetic, loving, kindhearted girl didn't exist anymore. In her place is a girl that is emotionally scarred, dark and sad. Starting college should have been one of the best experiences of Olivia's life, but how could she do that when with whom she wanted to share those joys with weren't there by her side anymore?

Cameron Stone is her roommate's brother at college and her childhood bully from back home. Cameron has always hated Olivia. He thought she was fake because naturally nobody could be that good. Cam didn't know the old Olivia and he certainly doesn't know what to do with the Olivia who doesn't mind standing up to him and putting him in his place.

description I love him... I mean really love him. The kind of 'in love' a couple's supposed to have ― with passion and trust, love and lust. We have that. And today ― well, last night, he told me he's in love with me..."

The Way Back To Me is partly about love and friendship, partly about second chances but it mostly about an intense deep ache that sets in when you lose something so dear to you. Olivia was knee deep in hurt and pain from her loss and suffered from survivor's guilt but as time passed, the once bully became so much more than Olivia could imagine. With him, Cam brought a sense of hope.

A hope for moving on.
A hope acceptance.
A hope for love.
A hope for a second chance with life.

The story is a combination of a lot of emotions. It is intense and raw. There is love, laughter, heartbreak and the most amazing relationships! I loved the characters, I loved the pain, I loved the writing, I loved the story!

I just can't say enough about this book. I thought Anne's previous series was amazing and her writing got better. But this book!... THIS BOOK is most definitely my favorite out of all of hers.
Anne, has always written books that are fluffy and sweet enough to give you diabetes and sometimes, you just need that fluff, especially if you, like me, love angst in your books. She has ventured into the angst-y side but nothing like this! And can I just how much I enjoyed reading this?!

The writing has matured from what it was in her very first book! It was truly a joy to read this book and I was so so so happy!

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