EARLY ARC REVIEW: Dirty Little Rendezvous By Emma Hart


"Sometimes the past becomes the present... And he's hot, cocky, and British.
Leila Burke expected a lot of things when she joined her brothers on tour in Europe. He wasn't one of them.
Jase Masters had no idea what to expect when he agreed to support Dirty B. on tour. She definitely wasn't it.
It's been eighteen months.
He remembers that night a little too well.
She insists she has no idea who he is.
He's rugged and determined.
She's wild and free.
Together, they're a tornado.
Keeping it from touching down is the least of their worries."


Rating & Review


description She's the girl you write songs about. Not just any song though. The songs that makes albums that go to number one worldwide and go on to be platinum... She's the girl that makes you sing them from their god damn soul.

After finishing Dirty Little Rendezvous it is the first time I have ever, felt that it was enough. That a book ended the way it was supposed to. And even though I want more, which I guess I will always want, I am so happy with how everything ended for Leila.

2am. That's when I finished this book. I was hooked and so invested into the story that I just had to finish this story no matter what time.

I adore The Burke Brothers! Every single one of them, from Conner (my first love) to Kye, I LOVED, ADORED and fell in love with each and every one of them. Their flaws, their perks, their nuances, what made them tick, their highs and their lows because that's just who they were and that's what made them them!

I just can't string enough sentences to tell you how I feel. I never really expected this when I signed up to read Dirty Little Rendezvous. Leila was not something I had imagined. Loyal, blunt, sassy and fun, yes! But that "other" side. Never!

Here you are going to read about me harping on and on about Leila and less of Jase! *gasp* I'm pretty sure you're thinking "HOW?! Emma has written heroes where you just can't stop gushing about them!"

But I CAN'T HELP IT!!! Leila Burke literally stole every single spotlight made it shine on her. She is just so easy to connect to! There are so many things that I can say about her. It is crazy how much my reader side connected to Leila and even though what I'm talking about is not quite spoiler-ish I don't want to mention it! Simply put, Leila's idea of love story is something I wish for myself.

description I want to be kissed the way they kiss in my books... With everything except restraint or concern for the rest of the world. For even two minutes, I want to feel like I am the world.

Jase Masters... He's hot, cocky and British!!! My god, do I love me some British man! He's on tour with Dirty B as their supporting act and when he is at the cusp of stardom and getting the big break, he meets Leila

Leila, the youngest of all Burke's tags along with her brother's and best friends. What she wanted was to have a down time from her recent break up and just be free. What she didn't expect was to her one night stand. Jase Masters.

Leila is fiercely independent and wants to be by herself... Okay, maybe have the hot Brit guy next to her as well.

She ignores him.
He tries to do everything to make her notice him and he won't stop until he gets what her wants. A certain sassy, Southern pain in the arse *GAHHH!!! I just love how the British say their words!*

She wants the love that most of us readers dream of... The book love. Can Jase really give that to her? Will he be the one who will help Leila tick of the most important items off of her Bucket List?

The intensity between the two is just amazing!! But aside from that, Leila and Jase connect with each other like two perfect pieces of a puzzle.

As is always the trope of any Emma Hart book is that there are moments that will make you laugh, grin like a fool and make your breath hitch with all that love and promises.

This book was literally EVERYTHING to me! And like I said before, with every Emma Hart book, her hero and her heroines, I always want more. But this time it really felt enough. The book really ended the way it had to. I even loved how you tied up everything in a pretty little package and came full circle with the last line.

description You're the world Leila. I'll write songs about you and you'll write novels about me.

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