Welcome to the third edition of the New Chicks On The Blog Friday Feature Post!!! As usual there is a lot that has been happening in the book world and everything that I could find and interest you in is in this post! So without further delay here is it! 

 There are so many $0.99 sales going on right now you don't wanna miss them! 




OMG!! So while I was vacationing in the mountains there were so many amazing announcements happening in the book world!  Take a look!! 

SQUEEEEEE!!!!! I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book! West Rykmen is the definition of HOT! Don't think too much about it, just get this bad boy and if you manage to score a paperback, just know that I am going to be forever jealous of you! Pre-Order STRIPPED BARE!!

Do I have any Molly McAdams fans here?! Did you see this GORGEOUS cover of her next novel SHOW ME HOW, releasing August 23, 2016! Pre-order for this book is NOW LIVE for $1.99!! Pre-Order Show Me How! 

Weightless by Kandi Steiner was recently released and is sitting at the number one spot in Amazon's "Inspirational Romance." I sure as heel one-clicked this book 'coz even I want to know what are people raving about! Peer-pressure! 

In today's Amazon Picks, I am bringing you books from debut authors or authors that are just two or three book old! All the books in this section sound so good I could not pass up the opportunity to let you in the now as well! 



Here is a recap of this weeks new releases!!



I had quite a few reviews posted last month. Here are my TOP 2 recommendations from them! Just click on the image to read my review! 

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