I hope you all enjoying these FFPs! Are you ready? Because in this weeks edition there are a LOT of books on sales and I can assure you your one-click finger is going to be twitching by the end of this post! 

This is literally my favourite part. I get to bring you guys so many book that are on unbelievable sales and today is no different! All the books listed are available for $0.99 *whips out my list*



Missed any of this week's new release? Well, worry not! Here is the complete recap!






Okay, so for the past few weeks I have been reading and re-reading quite a bunch of books and from that pile I bring to you my favourites!! These standalone(s) or series come highly recommended from me and these are my go-to books to get out of my book funk. 

Disclaimer: Yes! and I'm picking out all the 'oldies' You may or may not have read them 

Read/Re-Read Favourites & Recommendations: (All these are a solid 5 star reads from me)



Okay, so yesterday I reviewed LP Lovell's 'Tiger Shark.' Honestly, the book was a three star read for me. Now while some of the readers bypass any book with the dreaded 3 Star, I find that it is these 3 Star books where you can get to positively critique an authors work and get to know YOUR reading tastes. 

Now, 'Tiger Shark' could be a 4 or a 5 Star book for you! Well, that is amazing because there are a lot of people out there who really LOVED it. I didn't love it but I sure as hell LIKED it and I definitely LOVED the portrayal of the female protagonist and I definitely LOVED being introduced to a new author.

To read my full review click on the image! 

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