Soooooo, it's Sunday! LOL! But due to a lot of things happening in the book world I thought it was better to get the post out on today to get ALL the interesting book news and sales collectively rather than in instalments (one on Friday and one today) So without further ado here is the next feature post! 

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Today under Amazon Picks I putting down some really amazing and very RARE sales going at the moment, so I definitely recommend that you get them as soon as possible! 


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The rest of the ongoing sales are as listed below! 

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Today in the Book World News you will find the recap of last weeks FFP and brand new from the book world right here! 

A Beautiful Funeral by Jamie McGuire (08/15)

"Losing has never been easy for a Maddox, but death always wins.

Eleven years to the day after eloping with Abby in Vegas, Special Agent Travis Maddox delivers his own brand of vigilante justice to mob boss Benny Carlisi. Vegas's oldest crime family is now preparing for vengeance, and the entire Maddox family is in danger.

The secret Thomas and Travis have kept for a decade will be revealed to the rest of the family, and for the first time the Maddoxes will be at odds. While none of them are strangers to loss, the family has grown and the risk is higher than ever. With brothers against brothers and wives taking sides, each member will make a choice—let the fear tear them apart, or make them stronger."   Pre-order you copy!

You can now pre-order the entire DOLLAR SERIES by Pepper Winters right here!

Get notified when the pre-order for Pennies (Dollar, Book 1) is live by registering here!

"I came to college with daydreams about being with my stepbrother, but what would happen if I fell for the anti-stepbrother instead?"

ICYMI. Tijan revealed the cover of her upcoming novel Anti Stepbrother! Pre-order your copy here!

Twirled Bond (Holly Wood Files, #5) by Emma Hart is one of my MOST anticipated book of 2016 and I just want it to release already! Pre-order your copy here! 

"Chaos is coming to town.
Everything I've ever known about Holly Woods might just be about to change."


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