BOOK REVIEW ― Ever So Madly by J.R. Gray


"Love is for peasants, nobles marry for power. These are the rules Jocelynn has lived by. She is expected to be the poised and perfect vision of relentless power. Set to inherit the House of Akillies she was bred to rule. Men have never turned her head, until now

Madden achieved the impossible, the first in over a century to escape the life of hard labor and earn a place among the elite. With the chance for a fresh start, he has to stay focused, not damn himself by falling for the one girl forbidden to him.

Madden was an experiment in freedom, and she didn’t mean to fall. But now she can't live without him. Some choices are easier than others, while some aren’t choices at all. He’s worth running from everything she’s ever known.

Jocelynn turns to a formidable group of rebels to escape her fate. But with a war to be won, the rebels have their own agenda. Drowning in a game of power and politics, Madden and Jocelynn can’t trust anyone if they want make it out alive."

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"This book...yeah, totally recommend it.. Oh you want to know how many stars...more than the two Suns on Harden. Or as Amazon says 5 stars."


Oh, you want more than Wow. Well, how about huh! Still more...

How about the newest book (hopefully series)  by J.R. Gray has me wishing on a star for my own Madden and a comm. The Madden is self explanatory- really...Ok, I'll spell it out. H-O-T guy, little edgy, very smart, and has the bad boy vibe... The comm would be for lengthy discussions about the sequel I want to force J.R. to write.

It is a love story. Star crossed lovers at that. It's a story of people demanding change wanting an end to the tyranny. It's trouble. Secret meetings, questionable acquaintances, and  acting the part of a mistress all add a little spice to Jocelynn's life. But her frivolity is coming to an end as responsibility looms, where does that leave her?

I had a lot of fun reading this book. I love the banter, the attitude, but most of all I love how consistently badass Jocelynn is. I love strong females. I like being able to respect the heroine. Jocelynn does not disappoint. She is tough, smart, and trying to deal with significant changes. The addition of the distracting Mad is something she never bargained for. If she values their relationship, she's going to need to be more...

I laughed. I smirked. I fell for Madden. My heart broke. My tears fell freely. I lost hope while clinging to wishes. But worst of all, I want more!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Becky Rendon

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