BOOK REVIEW ― Necromancist (Seven Forbidden Arts #6) by Charmaine Pauls


"Nine years ago he took her virginity. Now he’s back for revenge.

Alice Jones has loved one man only–the man who stripped her from her clothes and defenses to leave her vulnerable and cold, the man who took her virginity and went downstairs for ‘a glass of water’ never to return. After nine years the once poor and shamed Ivan Kray is back in London, now a world-famous rock star. He is wealthy, successful, surrounded by millions of fans, and built like a machine while she is struggling, single, overweight, and has to borrow affection from her neighbor’s cat. To make matters worse, he blames her and her family for driving him away. This time round, Ivan doesn’t come to her with gentle caresses and roses. He comes with vengeance and thorns that will either purge or destroy her.

A malnourished toddler barely kept from starving by a nursing dog, Ivan Kray grows up into a hard and emotionally scarred man with a golden voice and a cursed art. Suffering from visions and voices in his head, he finds peace in Alice Jones’ heart and naked arms, only to be knocked down once again. He swore he’d be her first and last, and he isn’t a man to break his promises. His plans of submitting Alice to his will are hampered when someone tries to kill him. The sinister attempts on his life are more than the actions of a fan gone fanatic. When his hunter uses Alice to achieve his ominous goal, Ivan must acknowledge his true feelings and put his skills as necromancist to the ultimate test. Will his unusual ability be enough to save Alice before it’s too late to tell her the truth?"

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Honestly, call me what you will but this was without a doubt, delay, or second thought my absolute favorite of the series!!!!!! I was having trouble picking a favorite before starting this book but hands down Necromancist is mine. 

I have had tears running down my face for the last hour or so. I even sent the author a message stating my grievances. I may have been premature, maybe not. 

This is a second chance paranormal romance. Reunited in unusual and not even close to ideal circumstances, Alice and Ivan are fighting for more than indifference.

Tasked with helping promote Ivan's new show, Alice clings to false nonchalance. But Ivan didn't come all this way to let her fake anything. He also didn't expect their complications. Trying to win back the only woman that matters should be easy but not when gift hunters and the dead are chasing you.

misguided beliefs

...all concepts thrown around in Necromancist. 

You will know the sad, the happy, and what it is to be loved while reading this heartbreaking story. Somethings are predictable - some relationships and some people. But then there are plenty in life that aren't.

Loved this book. I highly suggest reading the series. Though you can read anyone as a standalone, they are best in order. You gain far more background inform the characters. 

(As I look back on this, I shake my head. I typed this after going on an all night readathon. I started the book yesterday morning but only got to read for an hour. Late last night I picked it up again and read straight through until 4:30 this morning. I had to go back over it to see if it made sense.)

It's a beautifully crafted tale that will force you on an emotional rollercoaster. You won't be able to get off before the ride is over. So sit back and enjoy it!

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