BOOK REVIEW ― Seven Forbidden Arts: Volume 1 by Charmaine Pauls


"An action-packed paranormal erotic romance series

Cain Jones starts a paranormal crime taskforce of individuals possessing seven forbidden arts to prevent an elusive enemy from taking world power by communication and technology domination. As the team grows, mission after mission, Cain slowly uncovers the identity of the archenemy he has to destroy. The assignments take the team on a journey from the magical forest of King Arthur in French Brittany, to the oldest Franciscan monastery in Chile, the tropical beach of Costa Rica, and rustic Pirate’s Island in Colombia. From a mystical firestarter to a bloodsucker, a timid librarian, an ambassador with a dark side, a drug lord, a super-mixer bartender, a French-Breton baron, a surfer babe who makes her own waves, and a Russian weatherman with more up his sleeve than a forecast, the Seven Forbidden Arts cast takes you on a whirlwind world tour of action, desire, and love as they not only battle wars of power and justice, but also meet their mates.

This series contains consummated love scenes with explicit language and kink. Reader discretion is advised.

Pyromancist (Book 1)
What is Clelia supposed to do when the man she secretly loves kidnaps and uses her as bait to catch a dangerous firestarter?

Aeromancist, The Beginning (Book 2, a novella)
Katherine agrees to become the lover of a mysterious Russian library owner for thirty days.

Aeromancist (Book 3)
Lann couldn’t foresee how his thirty-day contract could cost Katherine’s life. He’ll do anything to save her.

Hydromancist (Book 4)
Maya wasn’t supposed to like Tim, let alone sleep with him. Her only focus should be on killing him. 

Geomancist (Book 5)
When a drug lord takes Sean’s woman, paradise island in the Caribbean Sea is about to turn into hell."

Rating & Review



It's probably weird to admit I had The Prodigy's "Firestarter" playing on loop in my mind while reading this, but I admit to being weird.
I am late to the party on this series. I saw the newest releases teasers and had to have it. But I realized I needed to catch up first, so here I am.

So let's see:
We have a childhood crush
An untouched woman with desires that cause... trouble
fires everywhere with no reason
and secrets that could change it all

Pyromancist is a sexy novel about a special kind of person- a kind that few know of and even fewer exist.

Someone is starting fire throughout town. In such a small town, memories are long and whispers follow. People remember her mother and soon will start questioning the one they called a witch. But Clelia has no recollection of starting the fires and no idea how she could, but a lot of confusion and doubt surround her. When a blast from the past reappears, Clelia knows that something is going down.

Finding a pyromancist is proving difficult for the team and Clelia knows it's because of her. However, there are a lot of things she doesn't know.

Open up the book and take a journey with Clelia. Adventure, love, and self discovery are just parts of this tale.


Lann doesn't believe in fairytales. He knows there is no happily ever after. He doesn't do repeats. He certainly doesn't do girlfriends but something about this redhead has him compromising. He proposes an arrangement. He just needs her to accept it.

Lann is a mystery. He shares very little, yet, Katherine is drawn to him. Her sad love life and his pull on her make the decision for month. It's just sex, right?

If only it were that easy...

Wild, steamy interludes and naughty kink make this installment a hot commodity. Lann will take your breath away. Seriously...


Lann Dréan lives a different kind of life. He has "unique talents" that are in high demand. They also make him a target for the less savory. With his lifestyle being what it is- he opts for loneliness.

But he had something spectacular, once upon...okay a month ago! Jackass gave it up! Like air stirring chemistry comes along everyday, what an idiot! Only now it's not just him who is in danger...

Lann has much to prove to Kat. He has to protect her. He has to do what's best for her. Will she allow him to be a part of her life anymore?

I had tears in my eyes two distinct times. See if you can figure them out. Aeromancist is a second chance romance with plenty of paranormal oddities. Piranhas....need I say more! I know they are stand-alones but I'm having a blast whipping through these.


They warned her she'd fall but Maya was too stubborn to believe them. She's closed off and fights her own battles. She doesn't want or need anyone. Her friends are helpful but she doesn't NEED them. Or so she thought.

Her newest case is a slippery slope and a bumpy trail that is supposed to lead to Godfrey. The whole team is trying to find the animal that went after Kat and her baby. No one wants that kind of trash running around. Maya volunteers for this case but it will be her hardest yet.

The fiercely independent hydromancist has trouble straight from the get go. He target is hot, arrogant and literally calls to her body. No matter what though, she can't seem to convince him to take her. When your main plan includes seduction and the target wants none, you improvise.

But this whole thing is going sideways fast...
And without back up or alerting her team, Maya needs to make some choices.

I am really enjoying the series. I actually started it so I would be fully prepared for book six. I am very glad it's so much fun. Paranormal usually means one unusual aspect/ creature, not so with this series. Though it focuses on the Forbidden Arts, you would be surprised with all the unusual characters and types casted in support of the story. It's a wild ride with plenty of mystery, too.


Aye, Sean....
First (and completely unimportant to this review) can I say a drooled a lot over Sean's accent in my head. Seriously hot!

Ok, sorry, had to. Now to the story, Sean is living for the one woman he lost. His other half...his twin sister. Darkness clouds his dreams and living her dream fills his days. As a Forbbiden Arts holder, he hides what his is and  works as a mixologist. Which is totally hot by the way, I never would have thought about it, but it is.

He meets a spitfire trying to steal his dream and that's all she wrote. The End. No way the chemistry between these two would lead anywhere else...or would it?

Maybe they are meant to be, maybe not- but the ride is going to be wild!

I know this sounds dorky but I am totally "digging" this series (haha, digging- cuz he's a geomancist! sheesh, tough crowd). I love the fights, the sex, and the intriguing brain that is Cain. I hope we get his story one day! Sean and Asia make a wild pair that couldn't possibly go any other way.

Think crazy drug lords
Godfrey (that's a whole different level of crazy)
lost arts
trouble found
and family hanging in the balance

Yeah, I'd say give it a read.

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