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"Four lives. Four stories. Four sets of letters. Four brave souls in need of guidance while facing life's greatest challenges.

The anonymously published Dear Life program is designed to help them step outside of their comfort zones, face their obstacles, and relinquish their demons...and prove their existence.

With their lives teetering between wanting more and losing it all, all four souls dive into the program as a New Year’s resolution, sending them on a crazy, life-altering journey. 

Dear Life, 

Please be kind. 

Yours truly, Hollyn, Jace, Daisy, and Carter."

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Dear Life,

We may be lost, broken, and afraid. We may be without hope and sitting in the darkness. We have all experienced our own pains but what the Hell are you doing for us?

the confused, dreary, and world worn

Ok, so that might not be a summary but my own Carter version of one. This book had me laughing so hard I cried (#TwigsForTheWin), crying so hard my head hurt, and laughing so hard I snorted. Yes, I said laughing twice for a reason. Life is full of ups and downs. It also has nasty side swiping moments but the real kick is when someone you trust keys your car all down the side (coughs *Ethan*).

Life is not predictable. Life is cancer, orphans, single moms. But it's also baseball games, wildly amusing bachelorette parties, and meatloaf. Now some of those things are in this book...others are just a part of life.

It's a beautiful sentiment and an amazing idea, Dear Life. It's also a song that I happen to love. Meghan Quinn includes an incredibly touching and very real Dear Life of her own. I think we should all make one.

So here goes:

Dear Life,

I may not have had an easy childhood. I may have been angry with you over the death of my brother. I was spiteful and angry as a teen...well, in my own way. I rebelled and still you didn't cut me any slack. I met an amazing man but you made it difficult. You pulled us apart and we were so afraid that we wouldn't be anymore. 

But Life you we just trying to show us we were stronger. You were trying to prepare us for the bumpy road parenthood thrust upon us. We may have cursed you when our baby was ill...okay, not may. We did. It was hard suffering through the uncertainty and potential loss. We made it though and have two others that have been added to our quirky family.

Life brought us together and you even brought my parents over to our side. Here we are 14+ years guy and I. No doubt we had a million complaints getting here, but we would never change the journey.


Read and Reviewed by Becky Rendon

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