BOOK REVIEW ― The Parking Space by Angela Christina Archer


After her fiancé leaves her at the altar and a blind date stands her up, Helen Wright is done with love. Married to her real estate career instead, the only thought on her mind is selling a top listed house in San Francisco so she can finally afford the home of her dreams.

After her wealthiest client fires her, Helen's vision of moving away from her cramped apartment and the person stealing her parking space vanishes. Her professional life is now feeling just as pathetic as her love life. So when her best friend, Lisa, informs her that she's getting married in Bora Bora, Helen packs her bags for a much-needed vacation and boards a plane with the excitement of leaving all her Mr. Wrongs behind.

A new practice and a new place to live, those are the only two things that veterinarian Rick Stark needs after finding out his fiancé cheated on him. With his trust in women shattered, he jumps at the chance for the perfect job, leaving San Francisco in the dust. However, while visiting his possible new boss on the islands of Bora Bora, he finds himself in the company of a familiar face---the attractive owner of a patient who he once thought he wasn't interested in.

Could it be that maybe he was wrong about her? And if so, what's he supposed to do when her old flame falls into the picture wanting to rekindle what they once had?

Rating & Review


Bad day, you think you've had a bad day! Try the string of bad days that seem to follow Helen. 

Left at the altar
Client from Satan's army
Blind date no shows
and the most obnoxious Parking Spot Thief

Clearly, Helen deserves a little break. She's going to get one in the form of her best friend's destination wedding. Or is she?

Trouble and bad breaks seem to follow Helen even to the island of Bora Bora. Reading her misadventures just makes you want to hug her that much more! Add in the gorgeous man that seems picked out just for her and Helen is a busy woman.

But vacation fun won't last when your baggage comes knocking. What do you do when your past is banging on the door?

I had a lot of fun reading The Parking Space. It's fun, funny, and sweet. It has just the right amount of everything to keep you entertained.

Read & Reviewed by Becky Rendon 

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