DOUBLE BOOK REVIEW ― Beautiful Series by Ella Bordeaux


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Nasty cheerleaders
Bullies of all walks of life
Mean notes
Horrid pictures
Pushing and shoving
Taunting, name calling

Just a regular day in high school for senior Skylar Woods. She has two allies. One is her brother and the other is her best friend. That is until a new boy moves to town...Wyatt is like a dream come true.

Everything seems perfect until the everyday things overwhelm the dreaming. It's harder to fight for something you don't feel you deserve than believe the lies. Skylar struggles and Wyatt waits. But for how long and will it matter?

My honest opinion is it was good. There are parts that move too fast. Generally speaking though, there's not a solid timeline so its hard to tell. I think the biggest connection I felt to the whole story was the ending and I'm pissed- or I would be if book two wasn't waiting on my kindle as I type this. Good luck and one click book two, Forever Beautiful ASAP. Trust me you will want it ready and waiting too!

                                                           Phew! So glad we cleared that up!

I started this book with a lump in my throat and anger strumming through my veins. Righteous indignation became a mask and I was ready to throw down...

Did I overreact? Nunya. None of your business, unless of course you are dying to know what happened. Did he cheat? Which he? How in tune is Wyatt to everything going on around him? Will there be an HEA? Seriously, these are questions you need answers to. 

The only way to get it.

It's YA so cue the angst. Who doesn't like angst!?! It's a quick read and it answers the questions that have been building up since Beautiful ended on a huge can of worms. Smiling is not optional, it's a symptom of reading Forever Beautiful.

Read & Reviewed by Becky Rendon. 

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