BOOK REVIEW ― Fighting for Love (Boston Love #2) by Kelly Elliott


Finn Ward has two passions: being a firefighter and being single. Although his parents are constantly nagging him to settle down, Finn just wants to enjoy himself while he’s young. Then, at a union meeting, he meets a gorgeous lawyer with a dazzling smile—and suddenly, settling down doesn’t sound so bad.
Rory Adams is fresh out of law school and looking to make a name for herself at her mother’s firm. She doesn’t have time for silly games anymore. But when she catches the eye of a dashing fireman who makes her body tingle from across the room, something instantly ignites between them. The only problem? Her father is Finn’s boss.
Their relationship turns both of their lives upside-down. Rory tames Finn’s wild ways, while he shows her that life can’t be all work and no play. But it’ll take some serious determination to keep their love secret—and real courage to admit the truth.

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Seriously, this book is too cute...or at least the ending was!
But I've been told cute is a bad word, according to Finn, handsome is better. Not really sure that applies but go with it!

Rory is the daughter of a lawyer and a fireman. She is a lawyer. She meets a fireman. There has always been one rule her father handed down- NO FIREMEN! No dating, sexing or marrying firemen. None. Nope. Nada. No Way. Not in a million years. Not on a box, not with a fox... You get it?!

So what's an overly controlled her whole life girl to do? Run. Run the other way from the hot firefighter begging for a date. It's completely normal to turn down someone that you are so wildly attracted to. It's a legitimate reaction to run from what your daddy says is the devil.

But when the naughty smile, gorgeous eyes, and seductive voice of said devil are all you can think about...Maybe, what daddy doesn't know won't hurt him?

Maybe...But not likely!

A relationship being hidden has all sorts of warning bells but when you know.

A sweet and charming tale Fighting For Love had me at hello.

Read & Reviewed by Becky Rendon 

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