BOOK REVIEW — Drumline by Stacy Kestwick

Traditions are important. Especially in the South. 
College football. Rivalries. Tailgating. Halftime shows.
Some things just don’t change.
Until Reese Holland shows up with her long legs and no-bullshit attitude to audition for the prestigious all-male Rodner University snare line.
It doesn’t matter how much hazing she has to endure from Laird Bronson, with his narrowed green eyes and arrogant smirk. She wants that damn spot, and she’s more than good enough to earn it. 
She expects there to be tension. Even friction. 
But not sparks hot enough to burn the entire campus down.

Rating & Review

Drumline came out of nowhere, snuck up on me and now I want my own Laird.
I've read only, as of now, 70 books so far and this book definitely makes the Top 20 list that I will be putting up on the blog.

Dear Stacy,
Please find a Laird for me, pretty please with a cherry on top.

A Laird obsessed girl.

descriptionWhat we?” she cried. “There is no we. You barely know me.”
She was wrong. I didn’t know her details. Her specifics. But she’d already shown me the broad outline of who she was. Strong. Tough. Stubborn. Funny. Sarcastic. Quick. Smart. A flash of her with Eli popped into my head, that single interaction with him telling me so much about her, and I added more words to the list. Compassionate. Giving. A fighter. A survivor.

AHHH! I love when I discover new-to-me authors and I fall head over heels in love with their work so much so that even hours after finishing the book I am still thinking about it and remembering all my favorite moments which, to be honest, more than half of the book!

Admittedly, I had to Google what Drumline was and I have come to the conclusion that Quarterbacks are so over-rated! Give me a Drumline Captain, please!

descriptionLaird,” I started, but his eyes closed and his whole body relaxed. “I—”
“Say it again,” he interrupted.
“Say what again?”
“My name,” he growled. “Say my fucking name.”

The characters, what more can I say other than that I absolutely fell in love with them from the get-go! Laird, oh Laird! I just want to appreciate this green-eyed fine specimen because he was absolutely amazing and the perfect pairing for Reese. Add the six-foot-something height, stubble, and ink and I was a goner. I know, I know all superficial things but I am a sucker for the latter three. AND add to that he is not only can charm your pants off and make you swoon, he is also a sexy, dirty-talking alpha who has a soft heart when it comes to the closest people in his life which is just a handful.

Reese is bold, beautiful, badass, and sassy to the core and is breaking borders by entering into the "man's world" by joining the Drumline and can I say I loved every freaking moment of the Drumline auditions. There have been times where I really wished I was the heroine and this was one of those moments.

descriptionLast one. When you look at her, you picture A. Later that night, in your bed. Or hers. Wherever you end up. B. The wicked cool weekend away you two have scheduled for next month and the new things you’ll try together. C. That big event at the end of the season, the one you still need to rent a tux for. D. Whether your kids will have your eyes or hers.”
It was asking where he saw the relationship going. How long he thought this would last. I blinked, caught off guard. “Look, this quiz is stupid, you don’t have to ans—”
“All of them.”
“What do you mean, all of them?” My voice crept up with each word, ending in a near shriek.
His voice was rough, his eyes hooded as he repeated himself. “All. Of. Them.”

I just can't stop thinking about this book, the story, the characters, the banters, the sexy and the sweet, oh and sweet-sweet Eli and everything else in between! Detailed, addictive and alluring I loved every single word and moment of this book and I wish I could start it all over again so that I could experience it all over again because it was so worth it!

BOOK REVIEW — Lust (Vegas Nights, #2) by Emma Hart

Detective Adrian Potter had a lot to answer for. I didn’t care that he was tasked with shutting down the city’s most prolific hookers.

I cared that he was stopping me from providing for my daughter.

He didn’t care.

Not at all.

Until I broke down in the backseat of his car… And he let me go.

Adrian was a single parent, too. He knew how hard I had it. At least, he thought he did.

He had a job. He had people who cared. He didn’t know just how lucky he was.

My name is Perrie Fox.

I was a whore of the highest value.

Until Detective Adrian Potter.

Until the tattooed, redemption-seeking detective entered my life, looking for his fairytale.

The cop and the hooker.

Happily ever fucking never.

You’ve met one Fox sibling.

Now meet the other…

Rating & Review

One ridiculously hot and sinful cop? Check.
One sexy and sassy hooker? Check.
Two too-smart and sassy-for their own good kids? Double check.

Now the let the fun and games oh and sexy times... Lots and lots of sexy time begin!

descriptionWe were on opposite sides. I upheld the law while she flaunted it. She fucked for money while I took down the people who did the very same thing.

Before I start can we take a moment to appreciate that cover? Because hot damn! Hart always slays the cover game and I am always eager to find out what the next one is going to be and as enticing this cover is the book is equally enticing, hot and scintillating.

Hart has taken two opposites of the same spectrum and meshed them together giving you a story that is hot, intense, passionate, deep and full of lust and love. And bring in two kids and bam! You have the ultimate show stealer in your hands.

descriptionI was rags to riches. He was pure, honest. I was lies and deceit and dollars. He was love and kindness and goodness. My entire life had been a lie, while his was a painful truth.

Perri Fox. I am utterly in love with this character. Fiesty, fiery, sassy, smart, sexy and independent single mother will do anything to give the best to her daughter even if it means treading on paths that she never thought she would. She went from riches to rags to riches again. Her life has been full of disappointments and deceit because of her family and love and sunshine because of her daughter and her brother who she hopes to get back with.

Adrian Potter. Now, where are the handcuffs, Officer? Hotter than Hades, tattooed and sexy as sin cop and single dad lives and breathes the law and will do anything to provide his son with the best. His life hasn't been easy but with his supportive family behind and a sassy kid, he is happy.

One night at the bar, Perri finds herself at the back of a police car with Adrian in the front. But you what they say... Everything is not what it seems and Perri was definitely not Adrian was expecting and Perri did not want Adrian invading her already complicated life.

descriptionI wanted her. Wildly. Crazily. Desperately. It was an insatiable desire that would only be cooled by the heat of her body against mine. Perrie Fox was destined to be mine. There were no two ways about it. She was mine. End of.

The one thing I've loved about Emma's writing over the years is the way she writes her characters as close to real as possible so it is easy to connect with them and feel all the feels. Adrian and Perri were so real. The lust, at first sight, the confusion, the ups and downs and the laughter and love everything is so freaking real I loved it!

The sexual tension was palpable when these two refused to give into each other.
They made me laugh.
They made me swoon.
They made me fall in love with their complication and flaws.
They left me wanting just a little bit more.

These two together were fireworks but the stars of this book, for me, are Zac and Lola. These two single-handedly bring a lightness to the book with their sassy comebacks and when you put these together get ready for some crazy belly laughs because they are *that* good and sassy smart!

Lust has been an amazing addition to the Vegas Nights series and definitely my favorite out of the two.

Just read the blurb, or just look at the cover because it is a looker and once you start I can guarantee you that you will fall in love Adrian, Perri, Zac and Lola and everything that comes with them.

BOOK REVIEW — Scandalous (Sinners of Saint, #3) by L.J. Shen

They call him The Mute for a reason.
Hard, cold and calculated, he rarely speaks.
When he does, it’s with disdain.
When he does, his words aren’t meant for me.
When he does, my stomach flips and my world tilts on its axis.
He is thirty-three.
I am eighteen.
He’s a single dad and my father’s business partner.
I’m just a kid to him and his enemy’s daughter.
He’s emotionally unavailable.
And I am…feeling. Feeling things I shouldn’t feel for him.
Trent Rexroth is going to break my heart. The writing isn’t just on the wall, it’s inked on my soul.
And yet, I can’t stay away.
A scandal is the last thing my family needs. But a scandal is what we’re going to give them.
And oh, what beautiful chaos it will be.

Rating & Review


SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished reading last night and freaking hell I can't stop thinking about it! I can't stop smiling or fangirling and my cheeks hurt from all that but it was everything I had hoped Trent's book would be and HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE! Shen delivered. She freakin' delivered! I am going, to be honest, the book started as a 4 Star, moved up to a 4.5 in the middle of the book but HOT DAMN! That last 20% turned the whole book around and that was how it turned into a 5 Star read! Literally, THE BEST 20 minutes of my life reading a book.

descriptionYou know what your problem is, Trent?”
“No, but I’m sure you’re about to tell me.”
“You fight the tide. You fling your arms, kicking your legs, trying to escape it, overpower it. The secret is to go with the flow. The secret is to ride the wave. Don’t be afraid to get wet.”

*sigh* Just when you think that this series can't be better Shen throws another and makes you fall in love with the HotHoles all over again.

Scandalous is a guilty pleasure that once you start you can't stop. You are pulled into a story that is complex, riveting, and so thought-provoking. This isn't just a story between two individuals falling in love; it is about two individuals battling their own problems who come together in unfavorable circumstances and this chaos bred a beautiful relationship that broke all stereotypes and boundaries.

description“Tide... You’re such a fucking tide.”
“Seahorse,” she retorted.
“I wish.”
“You are.”
“Maybe,” I said, sounding unsure for the first time in a long time.
“I’m not your tide, Trent.”
“No. You’re my Delilah, Edie, and I’m your Samson. You want to ruin me, destroy me, strip me of my power, and betray me. I should stay away from you, but I want you too fucking much. And when it’s all over, when all that’s left of us is sweaty flesh and shattered minds and torn hearts, you will remember me as the man who made you cry, and I’ll remember you as the girl I had to break to stay afloat.”

Trent Rexroth's silent protectiveness, loyalty, and dedication towards his family and friends and business are admirable. But what isn't known to many people is the disarray his family life has been and you can see he is trying his best to fix it and make it good for his daughter, Luna.

Edie Van Der Zee is the opposite of Trent. The daughter of Trent's in-office rival, she is the forbidden fruit. Spontaneous, careless yet loving and loyal to the people that matter to her Edie turns Trent's life upside down.

Secrets, lies, deceits, and manipulations are what Edie's life is made of and when she unintentionally bumps into Trent, and what begins is a series of events that will leave you wanting more and more and more of this unconventional relationship.

descriptionI love how fierce you are when it comes to the people you care about. I love that you’re so aware of your flaws. I love that you fight them. I even love it when you succumb to them. I love every single part of you. The good and the bad. And I will never love anyone else the way I do you, because it’s not about my age. It’s about my heart. It belongs to you. Trent Rexroth, you’re my ocean. You make me wet.”

Ugh! This series has just gotten better and better and makes you fall in love with their unconventional heroes all that much more. Since the day Vicious landed on Kindle till yesterday after I finished the last book of the original HotHole I have LOVED every single minute reading this series. And it is hands down, the best series I've read this year!

You know how the saying goes by GBatiste: "Love doesn't discriminate, only people do."
This book is exactly it! It breaks all stereotypes and barriers; you don't get cookie cutter individuals with just a fatal flaw, you get two individuals who are messed up because life made them so and they are trying to wade through those tides.

The age or the race do not matter because as someone once said "Love has no eyes, Love has no age, Love has no culture nor religion, Love has no disability, Love has no gender or race. It only takes two crazy individuals to make it happen."

BOOK REVIEW — Racer (Real, #7) by Katy Evans

A bad boy with something to prove.
A woman with a mission.
The race of their lives.
The love of a lifetime.

I don’t think his parents expected him to live up to his name—Racer Tate—but once he felt the adrenaline rush behind the wheel, he was addicted.

He's the fastest, fiercest driver around.

Scouting new talent brings me to his doorstep...
but his smile sends me to my knees.

The sexy, mysterious Racer Tate is not the kind of man a girl like me falls for. He's secretive, reckless, elusive. But his proximity pushes me beyond reason, and his kiss....

This is our last chance to win, and he is our only hope. I'm supposed to watch him—make sure he doesn't get into trouble. But it's an impossible task. And now the one in heart wrenching, toe-curling, soul-crushing trouble is me. Because when your heart belongs to someone, their truths become your own, and their secrets become your salvation...or your curse.

He says he wants me. He says I'm the One. But he also thinks he'll break my heart, one piece at a time until it's gone.

Rating & Review


I'm done and the only thing I can say is WOW!

Given that he is a Tate, I knew Racer was going to steal my heart and he did a million times over! He is his father's son and he is haunted by the same demons as his father but I am so so so happy that he has his father's best qualities packed in SPADES! Loyal, loving, caring, passionate and of course, the blue eyes too!

My heart is full reading this story. *sigh*

descriptionSo, yeah you could say I’m relentless. You could say I’m the sort of guy who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid of anything, not the law, or the rules. I’m my father’s son. I like to go for what I want. Chase my ambitions. I want this girl beneath me and that’s that. I’m Racer Tate and this girl is mine.

Like father like son... I can't stop reiterating this statement again and again because it holds so much truth when it comes to Remington and Racer Tate. I can't, I just can't get it out of my head how similar Racer is to Remy.

I was just 10% into the book when Racer Tate met Alana Heyworth for the first time and boom! I was transported back to the beginning of Real and when Remy and Brooke locked eyes for the first time. I was sitting and highlighting all those parts that were absolutely reminiscent of that! (↓)

"Racer rakes a hand through his mussed-up, just-woke-up black hair, grinning, and then his eyes start to scan the crowd of people. I have an urge to hide—but somehow don’t act fast enough and before I know it, his blue eyes find me in the crowd. He just stares, his hands idle at his sides. He looks very interested to see me here, and as he stares at me, he narrows his eyes and his lips curve ever so slightly as if he’s pleased to see me here. They’re all saying his name. “Racer.”
The girls’ fingers are glorying over his chest and I clench my hands at my sides, not liking it and I don’t know why. I wonder what he’d do if I told him who I am.

descriptionOne day soon I’m going to take you out on a drive with me and you’ll never be the same.

After reading about a Tate I'm never left the same! Racer is one of those books you want to take your time with; read it slow, enjoy every word, let the story seep into your skin, have the words ingrained in your head but then the thirst to read more, know more, learn more is so high whenever reading about a Tate you just can't make yourself stop from turning the pages. It doesn't matter if you put the book down because you will be itching to pick it back up and continue reading. Simply put. It is addictive!

descriptionRacer, you had my heart from the moment you wrote on my page.”
“Come again,” he says, driving inside me.
“Racer Tate.”
“Again, Lana. I fucking want you to look at me when you say it.”
“You! You, RACER TATE!” I breathe, our eyes holding, and no one—ever—has ever looked at me with so much love, so much passion, has ever ignited me with those same emotions. I say, “I’m yours, Racer. I’m yours and you’re mine.”

Lana and Racer are just perfect for each other! One lost a love at a very early age and lost her faith in love and other is haunted by the same demons as his father and fights against it every single day to be the best he can.

Neither of them wanted to give love a chance but an unexpected encounter on the stands of an Indy Race gave these two something they never thought they wanted — each other and a love that lasts forever.

Reading their story was an experience of its own! It's about healing, about first and second chances at love and life, it's about family, it's about experiences, it about finding your forever-kind-of-love and holding onto it to infinity and beyond.

description I love you,” she says, gripping my jaw and looking deeply into my eyes, tears glistening in hers. “Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for being you. For showing me how to love again, and how to love like this …”
“Crasher,”I rasp, stroking my knuckles down her cheeks, “you’re the one who showed me how to love. And I’m never going to love anything or anyone the way I love you.”

I finished it last night and I just can't wipe this grin off my face! Writing this review was so hard because one I was and still am fangirling so hard that I can't get my thoughts straight and two there were so many quotes and I just could choose the "perfect" ones to fit in this review! I just wanted them all here but alas that is just not possible.

There are SO many instances when you can't help but compare Remy and Racer and Brooke and Alana but at the same time the newness of the story is ever present and makes you focus on Racer. And Lana, of course. I HIGHLY recommend this book if you want to be swept away with a story that will surely not leave you after it's done!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this story and I think this review does not do justice to what I am feeling right now writing this review and using these words so I'll just go starfish on my bed, take a deep breath, grin like a fool and swoon all over this story. Again.

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