BOOK REVIEW — The Hook - Up Experiment by Emma Hart


Single Dad? ✔
Second Chance Romance? ✔
Enemies-to-Lovers? ✔

descriptionShe owned a hook-up website and reveled in her freedom. I had a daughter and was braced for the fight of my life. Oil and water. We were oil and water, and if she was going to go through with this experiment, it needed to be done as soon as possible, so we could return to our normal lives. Before one of us did something really stupid.

OMG! I love the single dad trope and add into that mix a sassy heroine and an equally sassy 3 year old who makes you chuckle every time she opens her mouth... Perfect!

Peyton Austin is a complete hot mess and I love it! Her sass, her confidence, her overall persona is so attractive and I was pulled to her instantly.
Elliott Sloane is an attractive male (keeping his messy ass on the side for a minute), on the other hand, has a little hot mess of his own in the version of this cute as a button daughter, Briony, who has her own three-year-old brand of sass.

From their banter to their sexy times, Elliott and Peyton's relationship was absolutely amazing! Add Briony's three-year-old logic along with the banter between the father and daughter and Peyton and Briony ganging up on Elliot, together they make the perfect blend of a crazy family that lit the pages leaving me laughing.

Also a quick special mention to Peyton and her relationship with her brother Dom. HOLY FREAKING COMICAL! I was laughing my butt off every time these two started talking to each other. Gosh, Peyton was my hero!

descriptionI’d gotten the girl. The one I’d lose—the one I never thought I’d see again. But she was mine. Peyton was mine. I had the most incredible sense of peace settle over me, and I knew instantly, this was how my life was supposed to be.

Romantic Comedies are a strong forte of Hart; with her quick and witty dialogues that make you laugh out loud, swoon and leave you blissfully happy by the end of the book.

This red-hot romantic comedy is a definite must-read on my list and is perfect for anyone who is looking to read something fun that is bound to keep them smiling throughout the book.

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