BOOK REVIEW — Vein Of Love (Blackest Gold, #1) by R. Scarlett


descriptionDarkness isn’t all one shade, sweetheart.

I switch between Fantasy/Paranormal Romance whenever I want to move a bit away from the classic Romances and after years of reading, I know exactly the kind of books I like in this genre and The Vein of Love falls into my reading taste perfectly!

Angels and Demons, one of the most used tropes and hands down my top-favourite out of the lot in Paranormal Genre and Vein of Love is all about Demons and Daemons because, in this world, good has no place. R. Scarlett brings to life the evils of all evils and the King of all demons to life.

She brings to life a world of treachery and sin and desires that have no place in this world.

descriptionIn 1685, the Darlings had a daughter, one with glowing, blessed eyes and unnatural abilities. To protect the family from mass murder by witch hunters, they made a pact with demons for protection, and the gifted girl would be the payment. However, she was burned at the stake before they could collect her, and the Darlings were already contracted in blood— they still owed a gifted girl to my family.

The backstory to this book and the establishment of a relationship between Tensley and Molly is one of the strongest points of this book. It is a history that runs deeper between the Knights and Darlings and once you sign a deal with the devil, they will come back to collect their debt and in this case, the debt is Molly.

Molly Darling is an "asset" to the Knights wish for their son Tensley for a Demon and a Daemon together are the most powerful couple and who is revered and feared at the same time.

I'm going, to be honest, there will be points in the book, specifically, the first few chapters will be slow paced but it is necessary to set the tone and pace and development of the story. Scarlett takes her time to establish a base before jumping into the good part and boy, once the story picks up I didn't even know when I had turned the last page.

descriptionYou’re going to destroy me, sweetheart,” Tensley muttered. “Unless I destroy you first.”

Tensley Knight and Molly Darling... These two will test your patience at times. Lol!



A sucker I am for a little a-hole hero and Tensley fit into that category but there is more to him than meets the eye. I'm not saying he is good because he is not but unlike the other demons you will meet in the book, he is more humane.

And Molly might come off of as naive and childish but hey, she is just 19 years old so cut her some slack and because she takes some pretty brave stances for someone who was thrust into a world without knowing an iota about it.

And UGH! The tension between the two! These two are like a ticking time bomb. One wrong or unwatched move from either of their parts and boom! *dramatic finger explosion*
Also, don't get me started on the whole healing each other thing. Like whaaaaaat?! How do you two even have so much restraint?!

In terms of the supporting characters, there are some pretty fantastic characters even though I hate a few of them. Lex, September, Ilya (Oh, Ilya!), Stella, Fallen (HATE HIM!), Lilith (HATE HER TOO!) Beau, Evelyn and the Creek. I swear, if he isn't dead I will personally stake him through the heart.

R. Scarlett has done a wonderful job considering this is her debut novel. Vein of Love is a slow-burn romance that is packed with action, deceit, lies and new lives.

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