BOOK REVIEW — Bad Boy Brody by Tijan


UGH! Leave it on Tijan to make me fall in love with horses all over again!

descriptionThe moment was brief, but he was seared into my memory. Everything about him was dark, brooding, dangerous... I felt like I knew him, and I didn’t like that feeling.

Bad Boy Brody was totally unexpected for me. I don't know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't this. This book has flavours of wild, rawness and controlled freedom which with time comes undone.

I've read about female leads and male leads who love animals but Morgan Kellerman is like no other I've read. Her connection with the mustangs is something that I haven't come across while reading a book.

She doesn't just love those mustangs, she is one of them. Those horses became her family after her's was ripped away. She identifies with those mustangs more than she does with the humans.

Morgan is definitely unique and her story is heartbreaking and captivating at the same time.

Morgan is wild and free and it's absolutely exhilarating reading from her perspective. It's picturesque, to say the least.

descriptionShe lifted her head higher, staring back at me steadily. She was beautiful. She was wild. She was the untamed one.

And Brody... Oh, you beautiful broken man.

I loved his character and he is such a great departure from Tijan's previous male leads Don't get me wrong, Brody is loyal and dedicated like her other male leads but I guess, I could say his intensity is on a different level. It's not like Mason's where you can literally feel the waves of the intensity. It's tad subdued more subtle, but intense in its own rights.

There is an aura to him that makes him more human and less God-like, unlike Mason, Caden, Logan or even Shay and Kellen. If I had to compare him to any of Tijan's boys it would be Ryan.
It's... It's just the aura like I said, that makes him more human and reachable.

descriptionShe is wild in her heart. You cannot tame her. You will never be able to take her with you on your next acting gig. You travel constantly. You go everywhere, all over the world. You’re from two completely opposite worlds. You’ll never fully fit in with hers, and she’ll never fully fit in with yours.

I loved Brody and Morgan's journey. There is everything in it — loss, love, sacrifice, truths and lies but most importantly and one of the core features of this book, freedom. Unrestrained. Wild. Raw.

And before I finish, I NEED to talk about the ending! I've said it so many times but I still can't say it enough. That ending was movie worthy. It was so picturesque, so easy to visualise that very last scene in my end and the picture painted was absolutely beautiful.

Do it, people! Read this book! It's such a treat for the mind.

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