Welcome to New Chicks On The Blog! 

I am Rohina, residing in India. I am the sole owner, blogger and reviewer of this Page. I am an ambivert by nature. Sarcasm, bluntness, puns, PJs and milk (not a frequent coffee or tea drinker) runs through my veins. Crazy is my middle name (well, not really).  

This blog is primarily a Romance book blog but I do venture out to other genres from time to time and based on what interests me. I love love stories that make my heart race and melt at the same time. Stories that make me swoon, squeal and laugh out loud. A book that can make me shed a tear or two, a hard feat for me, but some have managed to touch the soft spot and the most important thing — happy endings. 

I am a lover of cliffhangers. I love the anticipation and even though I crib about them, the waiting makes the heart and mind go crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

As mentioned before, Happy Endings or Happy Ever Afters are my bread and butter. They are a must. I understand that some stories cannot allow for the traditional happy ending and some stories do not allow for a happy ending and sometimes, for me, it doesn't matter. 

Spoilers! Ah! The bane of every reader's existence. While knowing spoilers do not actually spoil anything for me, I respect other readers and their need to not know anything in advance. 

Two thing I can’t handle in a book –love triangles and deaths of the main character. IF a book involves a love triangle, I won’t read it unless and until I know that the couple that is meant to be together actually gets together!



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